Luma does not know why so many people are without light

One and a half weeks after revealing that they have no way of knowing the number of people without authority, the spokesman Luma Energy He said this morning that he did not know the exact reason for the high number of complaints from those without electricity.

Private operator spokesperson expressions in the areas of customer service, distribution and transmission Electricity Authority, Jose Perez Came in a radio interview (WKAQ 580). Attorney Ruben Sanchez was interviewed before a large number of complaints came to the people’s radio station without light.

“I can not give you an explanation, the system is completely fragile. A few minutes ago there were about 387 reports, now there are 401. A few minutes ago there were 19,000 homes without electricity, now there are 33,000. A situation has arisen. And verify, ”Perez told Sanchez.

In fact, a Luma spokesman noticed that Sanchez was informing him in an attempt to resolve people who complained about the lack of electricity.

Despite complaints from citizens and mayors that there was no response from private companies on Sundays, Perez assured that Luma troops would be active on Sundays. As he said they have enough staff to deal with the growing situation, again he raised something strange, however there are many breakdowns, even in the places where they attended the cases.

In an interview with Metro a week ago, the same LUMA spokesman said that there was no way for them to know the exact number of subscribers without electricity in real time because PREPA’s old system is not yet compatible with the new system of private operator.

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Interview with Metro here:

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