‘As of today I am already from Atlas’; Did Canelo Alvarez replace Sivas?

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Sal “Canelo” Alvarez I decided to be a new fan Atlas, He promised Eddie Rhinoso, His coach, announced that the boxer would be part of the Rojinegro title Thank you for the emotional speech he made to the staff Before the Vulta match against Lyon.

Although he was paired with Sivas, he posed with a red and white shirt during the session. Next to Chicharito Hernandez With a gift from the Guadalajara Club to celebrate his 115th birthday, Canello did not explicitly state which club he actually supports, Although already the answer to his strategist.

“Today I am Atlas”He commented that he was the undisputed champion of the super middleweights, according to Rhinoso, and explained that it was Alejandro Iraragori who had called him. In order to deliver the inspiring text that Canolo included in the video call.

“I introduced them to motivate the players, and they said so many wonderful things that moved the players,” he explained. Rhinoceros, faithful red and black, An ESPN.

“Mr. Irrakori He told me if I could give them a motivating talk, and I gladly agreed.. I told them our history, how we rose, how we won the championship, how we fought after defeat. I gave an example of what it means to be crowned a champion from the bottom up“, He growled.

He celebrated Atlas’ victory more than Canello’s fights

When Saul “Canolo” fights Alvarez, his privilege is far from over. Eddie Rhinoceros had to enjoy this opportunity as an amateur and the crown of the atlas, An event he considers one of the most important of his life today.

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“I think (he celebrated the title a lot), because now we’re on the fan side and now I understand what I’m feeling. When one is within success you will not absorb it much It will be different when you make it an amateur. I lived a very beautiful life, ”he commented.

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