Artificial intelligence to transform education and science

Talking about advances in science and technology today is closely related to talking about artificial intelligence (AI), a technology that has become tangible and has reached our society to automate processes and tasks, make informed decisions, provide personalized recommendations or create innovative products and services that make our day easier.

Artificial Intelligence has proven its ability to transform and be used in various sectors, fields and applications. Today, given its importance, I want to focus on the importance of addressing this issue for schools and universities as a physical space in which this knowledge can be consolidated and innovative solutions can be found for the economic, social and environmental development of the country.

First, it is important to create public spaces to share knowledge of new tools and make them available to everyone; Second, to highlight the importance of integrating AI into teaching, learning, research and institutional operations.

the In 2023, it revealed that less than 10% of schools and universities globally have established formal policies or guidelines regarding the use of generative AI applications, meaning a huge space of opportunity for all of us involved in academia, teaching and in research.

In this context, it becomes appropriate to design and promote spaces as a meeting point for academics and researchers from different regions that allow them to talk about their experiences in using and applying artificial intelligence within the scientific community, among students and in general among society. Itself. .

In this sense, artificial intelligence this year will be the main topic for next year From Tecnológico de Monterrey, a space where the influence and influence of artificial intelligence on various scientific disciplines, on decision-making and on current society will be presented.

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Inspiring the scientific community to produce high-impact research that generates action and becomes viable solutions in society should be the goal of the Scientific Publishing Space, which promotes research as a source of opportunities and innovative solutions to the planet's challenges.

Specialists and experts from national and international institutions will share findings on how artificial intelligence will impact various global challenges. From the important role women play in science, public policies in Mexico to enhance competitiveness, and the implications for human rights, as well as learning about the new promises of Artificial Intelligence, Turing and ChatGPT.

Tec de Monterrey, through forums such as the TecScience Summit, among other initiatives, seeks to put science into practice, creating knowledge based on interdisciplinary research that generates solutions to major problems of humanity.

Finally, it is important to understand that science, from different angles, will allow us to move beyond the technological shift, and will allow us to enter into a cultural shift that includes us all.

Research Director at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

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