Artificial Intelligence, the “dream” that invented literature and cinema and is still being debated in a reality that has already become science fiction

The Past and Present of Artificial Intelligence in Cinema: From Metropolis to Dune or The Creator (Edited by Helena Margaret Cortadellas)

the Robot movies It has been present in the history of cinema since then. Metropolis (1927), by Fritz Lang, based on a book written by his wife, Thea von Harbou who became First audiovisual work Who used this term to name a android Or what is the same, a human-looking robot.

The word itself comes from Czech “Robota”, which means something like this. “bondage” With connotations of “slavery”. It has been used in the work of Karel Capek Titled Rossum Global Robotswas issued in 1920, so, in this case, imaginaryhuman imagination, progress to Sciences on condition, The first industrial robot did not appear until the 1960s, and its purpose was specifically to perform heavy tasks that humans could not do.

“The Creator” Directed by Gareth Edwards | 20th Century Fox (Disney)

What we know as “artificial intelligence” was coined in the 1950s, also after the use of this type of intelligence. Sci-fiThe truth is that, in one way or another, it has always been about generation. Political myths and social about the concept identificationfor development Based on dehumanization Of the species.

In recent years we have seen a proliferation of films that deal precisely with this issue. The relationship between humans and artificial intelligenceso you like movies in the same year. IntruderThere is a woman in it (Saoirse RonanShe fell in love with her identical husband.Paul Mescal) And above all, a great Disney production. the creatorBeside Netflix movie starring Jennifer Lopez Titled atlas.

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The latter two are based on the same assumption: AI becomes self-aware, reveal against us and try to create a file Resurrection.

“The Terminator” by James Cameron

Specifically, that starting point was the one that was already in the movie. finisher Since 1984 where James Cameron He showed his visual lineage through the rebellion of the machines he would represent. Arnold SchwarzeneggerThis is through that legendary scene in which the character Sarah Connor saw in her dreams an image of a nuclear explosion caused by robots to exterminate us.

Specifically, in the middle of EightyThere was a series of Aesthetic trends Which contributed to all these concepts, the division between Real And Digital, Individual And the Machine They will reach a new dimension.

He began adapting classics of the science fiction genre, such as Philip K. DickAnd emerging businesses like basic Blade Runner also Total ChallengeTheories have been developed vigorously. “cyberpunk”which was the subgenre in which they proposed Dystopia Based on advanced technology And in the catastrophe of human values. It started in literature, and moved to audio-visual media. So, Isaac Asimov also Frank Herbert They have become masters when it comes to bringing their universes to the screen.

Kyle MacLachlan in David Lynch's Dune (1984)

In this sense, it is no coincidence that it was also in the eighties, in 1984, when David Lynch I embarked on the mammoth task of launching the first version of Sand dunesIt is no surprise now that the same story is being restored in a majestic trilogy by Denis Villeneuve Because the interests of that time, in some ways, are strangely similar to those of now in the uncertainty that exists in many fundamental areas.

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They were movies I talked about. The collapse of civilizationsoften with tones Environmentalists ahead of its time The rise of fanaticism Based on Inclusiveness.

“Saying Goodbye to Yang”, by Kogonada (Prime Video), a little gem to discover

And from all that magma, they were born. Concepts Which formed the basic material for a good part of the fictional stories that dominated the screens in recent years, as is the case with the movie “Metaverse”, which was exploited by Marvel, or movies such as Everything at once and everywhereThe “matrix” that led to the emergence of Matrixfrom the Wachowki sisters or all the theories about “new meat” Which takes us from Cyborg Statement From Donna Haraway to Titan By Julia Ducournau About Feminism and identities 'gay'.

All these reflections are linked through secret networks that inevitably lead us to the evolution of man, to what extent we can determine its limits, and what the future will be like in which cells merge with technology to create a more complete being.

Interestingly, however, both Intruderhow atlas, the creator Or other small jewelry such as say goodbye to liangby Kogonada (Prime Video), instant classics like previous machineseries like The west Or long-awaited movies like Mickey 17By Bong Joon Ho (Parasites) Championship Robert Patterson Prove that the past, present and future are linked in this case in which Gaining emotions Or the emotional awareness on the part of technological genius at the same time that humans find themselves increasingly lost within their own contradictions.

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