Arteon plays all his cards in his own space

The Arteón Cultural Association will bring together cultural institutions and people. At the end of the year, he must leave Sarmiento’s room 778, but he does not lower his arms

Arteón, the legendary Rosario cultural association with nearly 60 years of experienceI’ll do one this month An appeal to the authorities, entities and cultural, entertainment and artistic figures in order to obtain support for this project that will be left at the end of the year without its historic hall in Sarmiento 778.. The point of the call is for us to finally know What will happen to space? From the first floor of Walking yardwhere the theater and movie theater operate, and if you can’t stick to that place, then don’t A place is set Where you can develop your activities.

The call, which has not yet been scheduled, will be cross-networked for a period of time Great meeting in the Arteon room. It is proposed in the form of a round table with board of directors From the entire entity, journalists, actors, actresses, institutions that manage the various theaters in the city, unions in the sector, cultural centers, institutes for teaching cinema and theater, directors and audio-visual producers, as well as actors who work outside the city. It is also planned to launch a Signature collection campaign To defend the continuity of Arteon’s cultural space, if the authorities are prepared to offer an alternative venue.

The Cultural Management Group has already announced this In July 2022 I will leave the theater and there will be no more film screeningsAfter years of negotiations with the owners who had long intended to sell the place to a real estate project. However, an agreement was reached and it was decided They will remain in place until December of this year. For this reason, the Arteón bulletin board kept offering suggestions, and the place still does Since 2009 the only Inca enclave in RosarioWhere national films are released.

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In March of this year, the Foundation announced that it was about to formalize this project Agreement with the governorate To turn the place into Santavicino Cultural CenterThis is to showcase and display the cultural products offered by the governorate, its distinctive spaces, and schools of theatre, cinema, dance, and art in all its expressions. In this way, the gallery will become an exhibition room.

“This latest project, we say with sadness, to fail Because no agreement has been reached with the gallery’s successors regarding the rental terms proposed by the province,” admitted Nestor Zapata, founder and main person in charge of the space.

“open invitation”

In conversation with CapitalThe actor and director confirmed the closure of the Arteon Room in Altos di Sarmiento 778, although this does not mean the disappearance of the legendary collection. “What is happening is that various institutions, film and theater directors, cultural centers and administrators, actors, artists and the press itself, are telling us that closing the theater and cinema hall is nonsense, and that it is time to open theaters, not close them. They ask us to do Great call so the room doesn’t close down“So that the only Inca space in the city is not finished,” Zapata said.

“It will be an open public invitation to explain the reasons for the closure, but also to find out who will rent the gallery and what project there is for the room. And if there is no willingness, to request another one,” he said. “Everything that is on Sarmiento Street is ours: the seats, the projectors, the screen, the lighting.” And sound equipment. We have a history. You can’t erase that with the stroke of a pen,” he said.

ARTEÓN space Incaa.jpg

Since 2009, Arteón has worked as Espacio Incaa, for national film premieres.

Regarding contacts with governments, Zapata confirmed that his re-election bid Pablo Gafkin He told them that “Arteon will not be closed, and that some solution will be found.” Incorgina is located in the following regional jurisdictions. “We are waiting, and we will talk to them. Although they did not mention names, in this activity we know each other, we have complete trust, and We trust the sensitivity that will be present at all levels.“And he was feeling excited.

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View cycle for Arteon

As for the present, the main reference for the space defines it as “wonderful.” In addition to the movie bulletin board, which is updated weekly, this month I have scheduled a Display cycle For the films he made in his long career. It will be every Wednesday in November, with two showings daily at 6pm and 8pm, and will consist of his feature and short films, various pictures from his early days along with short advertisements from the 1960s and 1970s, segments from TV movies, and scenic works. Performances will be given by various audio-visual filmmakers, actors and musicians. Entry will be free, as will participation in the open classes.

ARTEÓN zapata y sala.jpg

Therefore, titles will be displayed on different days “Neighborhood Dream” (shortly from the film “Fontanarrosa, the so-called idol”); The movie “Hello, lion of France..!”; Feature TV movie “Son’s Days”; And “Autumn miracle” (Fiction film). Finally, on Wednesday 22nd, the national premiere of the feature-length television film will be shown in two periods. “Against forgetting”the latest audiovisual production of Arteón with the participation of Single channel (National University of Rosario). The film tells the story of a theater that is about to close and the ghosts of characters from the films that were shown there who refuse to disappear. Borrowed from the same display room.

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In addition, they present the play “Blanca in Alfonsina”directed by Zapata himself, with a performance Adriana Frodela, Bárbara Zapata, Matias Tamburi, Santiago Pereiro, and Fernando Galacion. “This is the story of Blanca, the neighborhood seamstress, who has long waited for someone to understand her, appreciate her, and accompany her. And the story of Alfonsina, returning from a long time ago, perhaps because we needed her too much,” say those responsible for the summary of the work. “We thought it was necessary to start from our best selves so that we could rediscover our cherished feelings. Recover, in some way, the hopes and dreams postponed and so that Blancas and Alfonsinas could make it happen,” they abound. Finally, “Sing ‘I Sing,’ Build Their Hope, Live Forever ‘The Time They Come Back.’” “People leave excited, grateful,” Zapata asserts, “the work is so emotional, it gets to your soul.”

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Since 1965

Arteon is a civil association, a civil association with legal status, It was established on July 27, 1965 In 2016, it was declared a distinguished artistic institution in Rosario in recognition of its cultural contribution. Since its establishment, it has dedicated itself to showing films, staging plays and producing its own productions, whether theatrical, cinematic or television.

he October 27, 1972 Sarmiento, Room 778Where it had been operating since 1968, it was subjected to an arson attack that not only destroyed the exhibition hall, but also consumed films, archives and administrative papers. The room was… It was reopened on August 15, 1974.

Until 1983, Arteon was successful Four spaces in the city. In addition to the theater on Sarmiento Street, the first film school also operated in Córdoba between Entre Ríos and Miter, which was owned by Arteon and later became regional. It also had the small cinema Entre Ríos at 700 (in Catala Center) and the La Breda Theater School at 500.

The current room has 220 seats. In 2009, it was redesigned for reopening and equipped with appropriate technology. For some time, he began to maintain a conflict with the owners of the gallery, who in due course admitted to this newspaper that they were “Minally melted”And they need to sell.

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