Arrow reappears with her ex and gets mad about her!

After separation Jennifer Lopez with Alex Rodriguez And meteorite and public encounter between She is also her former actor Ben Affleck, Arod Boldly accepted the evidence Continues to struggle to move forward despite everything.

Leaning in the warmth of his daughters, Like I did in the past Memorial Weekend And took refuge in his work, and today the famous Expletoro surprised his followers by sharing pictures with his ex-wife, Cynthia Skirtis, He was last divorced in 2008, all on the same weekend Zlo returned to Affleck’s hands In LA, the city he has now returned to.

Arod Not only did he pose on the networks with his ex-wife, he also shared in his stories a video showing how he put ice on an athlete’s leg to recover from exercise. “First Class Mom” ​​is a selected term Alex Rodriguez To refer to his ex-wife and mother of his two daughters, Natasha and all, 16 and 13 years old, respectively.


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Arroyo was proud to have completed 9 weeks of extreme sports challenge with his family and team members, however he admitted with an old-fashioned feeling that he was old:

IG Road Cynthia Skirtis

“I hurt my left calf, my right man, my ribs on the left side. I didn’t know it could hurt even in places I didn’t know … Before I started this project, I thought I was old. Now, I know I’m. .. “, he commented.

He added, “It’s easy to give up, to give up, to complain … it’s not easy to achieve good. When you want to give up, do not do it, keep going, keep calm, try with faith,” he advised.

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As time goes on, the rift between Zlo and Arrott continues to make headlines around the world.

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