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This Sunday, April 4, comes the tenth season of the popular series Next door, By Stars.

The successful project, which has been in the air for 16 years, is one of the favorites of the Mexican public, not only because of the plot that reflects everyday life; And for the characters who won the hearts of the audience.

According to the manufacturer Elas Solorio, In Next door Coexistence with the cast, over the years, has not been easy, but there is still a friendship that has led to the success of the same production.

New Neighbor

The tenth season will bring big surprises to the public. Among them, the arrival of the actress stands out Yale Dowell.

Through her social networks, the model has also announced that she will be joining the cast Next door. What we do know so far about her character is that her name is Aurora and presumably a maid.

Speculation of his participation, on the part of his followers, indicates that this may be the better half Germ, Life-giving Especially Spain.

What is Yasel Duval?

Yale Dowell is an actress and additionally a presenter and a model. On his Instagram account, he shares his relevant lifestyle and interest in traveling through Mexico.


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