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A section of Ducey Wall in Arizona’s remote San Rafael Valley.Ross D. Franklin (AP)

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has bowed to pressure from Washington. The president’s days in office are numbered to remove 182 metal containers that are a controversial barrier along the Mexican border. Ducey is betting on the ban as a way to combat illegal immigration in Yuma and Cochise counties. A metal wall made of shipping containers was carried out by the Joe Biden administration a few days ago. A controversy for the environmental damage it causes in a federal territory.

The agreement reached by the parties indicates that Duce and Arizona agreed that the boxes would be removed “as soon as possible” by January 4. The Central Forest Department will supervise the operation to ensure that it does not harm the environment. The Ducey Wall is located in the Coronado National Forest, the only wilderness area for more than 3,000 kilometers along the border between Mexico and the United States.

Some environmental groups complained about the wall, saying the large boxes cut off many routes used by local wildlife, including some species of big cats, ocelots.

The local government and Washington are still finalizing some details about the end of the wall. In all, only one-third of the proposed project by the DUC, which planned to place 3,000 boxes over a distance of 16 kilometers, was built. The local president spent about $82 million to purchase more than 1,100 of these boxes, which had to be moved south of the company.

Ducey steps down on January 5. The winner of the election Democrat Katie Hobbs, who was the Republican governor’s secretary of state, does not plan to continue in the job. He has said publicly that the thousands of boxes purchased with public money could be used for other purposes, such as temporary housing for the homeless in Phoenix, the state’s largest city.

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This Thursday, a local government spokeswoman insisted Ducey was a temporary measure aimed at addressing Biden’s neglect of border surveillance, including the White House’s decision to halt construction of the wall. Donald Trump. “For more than a year, the central government has been promoting efforts to resume construction of the barrier. Finally, with a major crisis, they have decided to act,” CJ Karamarkin said in a statement.

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Some Arizona communities have felt an increase in immigrants in recent weeks. The Yuma division of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, CBP for its acronym in English, recently noted that more than 1,000 people enter the region each day. Officials expected the situation to worsen this week in the final hours of Title 42, a measure implemented by Trump that makes it easier to remove people who cross the border.

On Monday, the US Supreme Court A surprising result It postponed the end of Title 42. The White House has requested until December 27 to prepare for operations to face the new reality at the border. Thousands of migrants from the south have poured into cities such as El Paso, Texas, which have set up convention centers to house those who have arrived in the United States in the past few hours. Along the Arizona border, the communities of Yuma, Somerton and San Luis have declared a state of emergency to get more resources so they can deal with the growing influx of South Americans.

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