Ariana Grande tearfully opens up about her makeup injections

Years later, you “must be a part of…”, actresses, singers, models and beauty standards you must adhere to. Influencers They have decided to put the brakes on and raise their voice to show a more natural image.

Just as Kate Winslet or Rachel McAdams asked not to have their photos retouched when they appeared in a product or fashion campaign, youth leaders like Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato have long argued against criticizing other people’s bodies. Who is joining this trend now? Ariana GrandeThe one who talked about the tons of botox or fillers she used on her lips and the reasons why she doesn’t do it anymore.

Everything happened a Video released by the magazine Vogue, the actress shared her beauty secrets. When applying makeup in front of a mirror, The singer talked about the number of injections she had to make her mouth look bigger and more beautiful. “Complete transparency as a person, as I am with my lips,” the artist said before applying color to her mouth. “I have used lip fillers and botox for years. “I stopped doing it in 2018 because I felt like I was hiding,” she said as she continued to apply makeup.

However, the translator Thanks, next He left the audience in awe when he broke down in emotional tears. “I have, for many years, I used makeup as a disguise or something to hide“, he admitted while drawing a parallel to the big hairstyles he had: “More hair, more and more. “More eyeliner, thicker …” she recalls.

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“It’s very difficult to be exposed to multiple voices at a young age and especially when people say things about your looks and stuff. It’s important to know if it’s worth asking or not, but you never know when you’re 17. You don’t know yet,” he reflected, justifying his reasoning Makeup Loaded, their voluminous hairstyles or their facial fillers.

Over the years, as she gained more confidence, Ariana’s style softened and her relationship with cosmetics changed. In fact, in this clip Vogue Beauty Secrets She revealed that she no longer felt the need to use Botox to feel confident. “I don’t want clothes to be the motive behind it anymore. I now think about self-expression and emphasizing being here. “Our relationships with beauty are very personal…ultimately we want to feel our best and be loved,” she said.

Although she no longer opts for these types of invasive procedures on her face, Don’t blame the doers. “Each to their own, what makes them feel beautiful; I support it. But in my case I know I want to see my cry and smile lines. I believe my smile will become deeper and deeper,” she said He pointed out that getting old can be a “beautiful” thing..

And of course, who plays the witch Glinda in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical Wicked, warned that it could not be repeated in the future. “Now, can I get a facelift in 10 years? I can, yes! But these are just thoughts that I think we should discuss. If we’re sitting here talking about beauty secrets, let’s expose everything,” she clarified.

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A few hours later, Ariana shared snippets of the video on her personal Instagram account, and despite her nerves, It was a place of catharsis.. “I’ve never been so nervous and it’s definitely not the best video I’ve ever put on makeup, but I had a lot of fun. Thank you for inviting me. Vogue magazine And to make room for humanity like my cancer,” she wrote, realizing the importance of creating this kind of discussion in the community.

Given this reflection, the reaction of his followers was immediate. “You are so beautiful with or without makeup,” wrote one well-known Coach A member of her family chimed in as she declared: “You’re amazing inside and out.” Actress Isla Fisher also praised her beauty, commenting, “You look so beautiful.”

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