From ‘Case Closed’, Dr. Polo Aleska Responds to Witchcraft From Genesis to Nicky Jam

Ex-girlfriend who created a sensation on social media Nicky Jam, Aleska Genesis It became a trend after a video leaked of her acting Sorcery Singer. These videos reached the public eye Dr. Polo of Case closed WHO reacted What the young woman did to her ex makes it clear that for her this type of witchcraft is no match for human power.

A leaked video in which Alyska can be seen doing Genesis Sorcery Another ex-boyfriend of the model, Miguel Mawad, shared to Nicki Jam. In it, the singer’s ex-girlfriend can be seen saying in a video call with another woman: “That Nikki Rivera Caminero has only eyes, smell, mouth, and that member rose only with her… Her heart and thoughts belong to Genesis Aleska Castellanos”.

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