Apple will offer iPhone 15 Pro: without physical buttons and Type-C charging

iPhone 15 is the first generation of cell phone with USB Type-C input.

In September this year, Manjana New models can be provided iPhone 15 (Regular, Plus, Pro and Pro Max, although some suggest the arrival of an Ultra model), and recently, new details are emerging. mobile phone of the company.

New 3D designs derived from Max WeinbachThe best data gathered from the exterior of the device in its Pro version reveals what was rumored a few months ago, the new iPhone 15 Pro They don’t have physical buttons, but they are all tactile.

iPhone 15 Pro. (9to5mac) Possible design

Although maps show lines around “buttons”, these only serve as pointers to locate those that are discontinued and dedicated to its module. mobile phone.

In both cases, they will be replaced Haptic engines “Pressing” any of these buttons will simulate the feeling of touch. As for the mute switch, it’s no longer a slider, but the same as the rest.

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About frames iPhone 15 Pro And its screen, 3D images show that small bezels will be added to the metal part of the device. TitaniumBecause Apple’s idea is to make the Pro models stand out even more from their cheaper versions.

iPhone 15 Pro. (9to5mac) Possible design

Another innovation will be the USB Type C cable iPhone 15 Because it will be available in all its models for the first time since its inception European union This indicates that this type of charger will be mandatory in the region by the end of the year 2024.

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The cameras will undergo some changes, such as an increase in the space dedicated to each of them, now extending a few millimeters more. This change will be explained by the presence of a periscopic camera, which will improve its quality Zoom in and image sharpness.

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With this type of camera, people who are interested in shooting Photographs From a distance they have more control over how they view the film Digital zoomThat’s why photos become pixelated.

Additionally, with this enhancement, you can zoom up to 10x without losing image quality. Picture.

iPhone 15 Pro. (9to5mac) Possible design

The yellow iPhone won ManjanaSo the company will continue to experiment with colors and introduce a color coded red model.410D0D”.

While its existing name has not been officially revealed, this new presentation will include white, space black and gold. Deep purple This will be replaced by the new one Color.

Screen size, due to cutouts Manjana Included in the new Pro models, the new devices are expected to be slightly smaller than their predecessors. iPhone 14 Pro. While the regular iPhone and Plus have a 6.1-inch screen, the Pro and Pro Max models (probably renamed Ultra) have a 6.7-inch screen.

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Researcher Ming Chi Kuo pointed out that iPhone 15 Pro A new chip is installed A17 Bionic It will have improvements in the performance and performance of the smartphone Manjana. Meanwhile, the regular models will have A16 processors, which is the same as the current generation Pro models.

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