Apple is in talks with Meta to integrate generative AI developed by Zuckerberg's company into its products

Apple and Meta have begun discussions about the possibility of integrating Meta's generative AI model into Apple Intelligence. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvik)

Apple and targetThe two historic rivals have begun talks about a possible merger Creative artificial intelligence of target Inside Apple IntelligenceAccording to sources familiar with the negotiations, published this Sunday Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

The conversations show a collaboration that was believed to be impossible between two tech giants that have been at odds in many areas for years. The motivation behind these conversations is to catch up with Apple in the field of artificial intelligence creation..

when Manjana It has developed its own models AI The company recognizes the need to collaborate with partners for smaller, more complex tasks. According to Craig FederighiHead of Software Manjana“We wanted to start with the best,” notes the initial contact ChatGPT of OpenAIAnnounced at the conference Worldwide Developers Conference from Apple earlier this month.

Meta seeks to use Apple's broad device offering to strengthen its position in artificial intelligence. (Freepik)

Meta's interest in this potential collaboration stems from its desire to take advantage of Apple's vast device distribution.How similar App Store It allows many developers to reach millions of users iPhone. This type of partnership provides target Significant advantage in dominant competition Creative artificial intelligence.

Mark Zuckerberg and his team Artificial intelligence Given the major changes they've already made to their language model, they could take a big hit with a deal this size. Calls.

In addition target And OpenAIConversations have also been held with start-ups Artificial intelligence as Anthropology And confusion. These companies are eager to integrate their technologies Apple Intelligence.

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Federighi noted that providing users with a variety of options for artificial intelligence models is beneficial“They may prefer different models for different tasks, such as creative writing or clinical research,” he was quoted as saying. WSJ.

The Apple-Meta collaboration could mean billions of dollars for AI companies that successfully integrate. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvik)

Although agree with Manjana Representing a massive supply of products for companies Artificial intelligence, the exact financial impact it will have is still unclear. According to Jean MunsterSenior Researcher Manjana, OpenAI Awaiting use ChatGPT Doubles when combined ManjanaAlthough this will increase infrastructure costs by 30% to 40%.

Between 10% and 20% of Apple users will choose to pay a premium subscription to a product like ChatGPT, Munster says.. “Distribution is difficult,” he said. Munster. “The beauty of what Apple has created is that you have this solid distribution.”

In short, step MunsterA collaboration between target And ManjanaThat can translate into billions of dollars for companies Artificial intelligence It can successfully integrate with the new Apple operating system.

ChatGPT usage will double after the tie-up with Apple, but it will increase infrastructure costs by 30% to 40%. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvik)

The potential collaboration between Apple and Meta marks a turning point in their relationship. Tensions between the two organizations persisted for more than a decade, especially when Manjana Introduced privacy changes in 2021 target He said he would lose $10 billion in revenue by 2022.

Also, it's April this year target It issued instructions to advertisers to avoid the 30% charge Manjana Charged with “Sponsored Posts”.

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With possible contracts with different companies Artificial intelligence, Manjana Avoids excessive dependence on one supplier such as OpenAI. However, the possibility of doing so depends on the specific terms of each negotiation, which differs from the established framework App Store Allows developers to submit applications for approval.

For users, the flexibility to choose between different AI models represents a significant advantage. The diversity of options allows you to select the best tool for specific tasks, strengthening the ecosystem. Manjana with various abilities Artificial intelligence.

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