Apple Introduces macOS Monterrey: What’s Its Most Surprising News?


25 October 2021 23:22 GMT

The technology company has just released a new version of its operating system for desktops and laptops.

The American company Apple has launched today, Monday macOS Monterey, The latest version of the operating system for your desktops and laptops.

First, they highlight the function ‘Universal Control’, Which allows you to manage the Mac cursor from the iPod or vice versa. Now you can drag and drop files between two Apple devices.

Similarly, they highlight that the new update brings with it the so-called ‘shortcuts’ of iOS and automation to do multiple tasks at the touch of a button. In fact, users can even create their own shortcuts.

Fasttime improvements

Also, improvements have been made to the FaceTime video telephony application. In this sense, they highlight the fact that the new version of the operating system allows Isolate background sound to enhance voice If you have a Mac with an M1 chip, we create and talk in portrait mode in real time.

Additionally, the macOS Monterrey is new ‘SharePlay’, Which allows us to share application content with other Apple users; From now on, the photos we receive through the Messages application will be stored in a personal folder in the Photos ‘app’.

Another novelty is the ability to use photos on iOS devices Find the text in the pictures, Can be isolated and selected, for example, for phone numbers, addresses or links to web pages.

How to improve it?

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Finally, they point out that the AirPlay function, which allows you to share content from your iPhone or iPod, is now available for the Mac; It includes two improvements to the Safari web browser: a redesigned tab menu and a very small address bar that can be used to create new groups synced with other Apple devices.

Specializes in portal technology Xatac Refers to the new version of macOS Available For that The following devices, Specify which version they are compatible with: iMac (2015), iMac Pro (2017), MacBook Air (2015), MacBook Pro (2015), Mac Pro (2013), Mac mini (2014) and MacBook (2016).

To update devices with MacOS Monterey, open the Mac App Store, press the notification for the latest version of the operating system, and then select the ‘Download’ option. When this is done, open the program to proceed with the installation.

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