Apple fines first millionaire for selling iPhone 12 without charger

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Apple Raised controversy during the announcement IPhone 12 A few months ago Decided to do without charger and headphones Among the new mobiles that claim to reduce environmental impact, they have already received the first millionaire fine.

The sites Tilt and Macromars reported that the consumer protection company Broken-S.P. of Sa Palo, Brazil, Apple was fined With nearly 10.55 million rice, About 92 1.92 million For not including the current charger and new product line on the new iPhone IPhones Ancient.

According to Broken-S.P., Measurement Apple This is a “violation of the Consumer Protection Code of the country” They informed the company about the fine in December. Since many customers ‘already had spare chargers’, it reiterated that this would reduce CO2 emissions and rare earth extraction.

However, the CEO Broken-S.P., Fernando Cabas, He promised They had to respect Brazilian laws, South American country is one of the largest telephone markets in the world, so challenging them indicates the risk of losing sales, and reflects this Apple Do not trust them.

Penalty inside Brazil It also refers to misguidance Apple He would have refused to fix it IPhoneWater damage victims Despite a guarantee, the devices in its release were said to be water resistant for a long time.

This is the first fine, however Apple I can follow in the footsteps Samsung, A company that has agreed to put pressure Broken-S.P. Pre-sale orders including charger Galaxy S21.

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