Fabian Coyote was asked at a news conference about Pepson’s mask; So he replied – ten

Fabian Coyote Left performance satisfaction Honduras national team, After a 1-1 draw Belarus In Minsk. The Honduran coach spoke to the Belarusian media after the match, where he also explained about the mask. Jerry Benson, Something they asked the technician.

“This trip is important to us. The climate, the continent and the intensity here are completely different. For us, this trip was a collective. For most national team players who play in our league, flying to a distant country, playing at a different pace, it helps them grow. The strategist explained.

Similarly, Fabian Coyote Talked about fast sports Belarus He trained in the fight against the Central American team. “We prepare and study the enemy. I will not say that the severity of the mistakes is beyond reasonable limits. In general, I would not say that something is surprising. We came to a beautiful country. Our players must grow not only in football, but also culturally. They expanded their boundaries.”

He asked Belarus Is a better choice than some Concoff, It was clear. “It was a different style. We have developed countries where football is played. They play open and live football. There are countries that play completely different. We saw different football in Belarus. It is significantly different than ours. In safety, they can play one on one. . “

Finally Fabian Coyote They consulted with him Jerry Benson, Who used his traditional mask. “Yes, I asked him about it if he needed her. He says he’s fine. He’s legal age, over 30. Most of his career he played domestically. We knew he would feel the difference. Today I’m happy with his performance.” Coyote.

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Forward Jerry Benson made an appearance by playing with the mask.

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