Apple envisioned DuckDuckGo as Safari’s search engine for personal browsing

DuckDuckGo wants to replace Google!

Even DuckDuckGo wants to replace Google

Currently, Google is facing the US in a historic antitrust trial. To prove the allegations, Leaders of many technology companies had to sit on the stand and give presentations, in which Apple has become a recurring theme. This week, It’s DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg’s turn.

In his statement Weinberg confirmed that his company is in talks with Apple to replace Google as the company’s default search engine.. Between 2018 and 2019, DuckDuckGo’s CEO had about 20 meetings and phone calls with Apple executives, including the head of Safari. Of course, they didn’t succeed.

DuckDuckGo wanted to negotiate with Apple

The trial, which examined all of Google’s negotiations, examined the million-dollar deal between Google and Apple. Although the prosecution has established that other companies such as Microsoft was behind the deal to become the default search engine for Apple devicesThe defense has responded with the same argument: Google is the best search engine.

Even ‘Eddie Q’, Apple’s head of services, had to testify and explain why Google is the default search engine on the iPhone.. “We’re making Google the default search engine because we always thought it was the best.” He said Apple did not choose another search engine provider because there was no “ideal alternative”.

Fortunately for Google, even the competitor agreed to it. This week too, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadel admitted that Microsoft did everything to get the deal.

Nadel did not hide the benefit they sought with the association. Microsoft is willing to give Apple all of the financial benefits of the deal if Apple switches to Pink, and said it stands to lose up to $15 billion a year in the process. They even considered hiding the Bing brand from Apple users’ search engines, respecting the company’s privacy preferences.

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Although the figures of the deal between Google and Apple are not shared publicly, several reports suggest that Google paid $12 billion to make Safari the default search engine in 2020. This figure is projected to rise to $15 billion by 2022 and continue to rise in the coming years.

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