Antwerp vs AEK (1-0) Champions Playoffs Match Summary. goals”

The ball reaches the box Antwerp Repeatedly and incredibly no one could finish it on target Suffering All fans AEK In the Ida game Playoffs of Champions League. There was a story AEK of Mathias Almeida At the banquet held BelgiumWhere did they end up? 1-0 loss with Orbelin Pineda 90 minutes played and Rodolfo Pizarro on the bench.

Vincent Johnson scored the only goal of the match

It was barely past 16 minutes when Vincent Johnson First and reached The only goal of the match As he takes advantage of a filtered pass in the area and crosses his shot to beat the goalkeeper Athanasius 1-0 to condition the rest of the game.

It’s him Janssen bullFormer player stripedThis was a real headache for the match’s defence. Constantly fighting for every ball and getting fouls, it frustrated defenders when they called on the referee for these situations.

Passed 30 min Even while playing AEK of Athens He took the ball and had it all over the field. However, they never found a clear goal option that allowed them to go home with a draw.

The faith of the Greeks grew 50 minutesGuardian In Jelle Pate Wiped out Kazinovic. Such was the unnecessary and unnecessary force of the broom was expelled. The pictures show how close the footballer was AEK He injured his ankle.

Hence the extra man on the playing field, the coach Mathias Almeida sent many players to the ground including Sergio Araujo. He only decided to bench Rodolfo Pizarro He thinks his team doesn’t need it. And so possession of the ball was further enhanced.

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Missing return game

Time after time they came close to the mark but their shots hit defenses or went just wide Shot araujo First purpose. So everything will be defined in Greece where the second leg of the season will be played. play He August 30 Looking for a pass to Group level of UEFA Champions League.


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