Antioquia formalizes high-quality public space projects for $24,000 million for six municipalities –


– In Apartadó, Belmira, Andes, Yondó, Caldas and Abejorral, approximately 40,000 square meters of public space for Antiochinos will be built or converted

– Two Parques del Río projects and four public parks make up the set of agreements signed between the government and mayors in recent days.

The Government of Antioquia, through its Secretary for Physical Infrastructure, Santiago Sierra Latorre, has formalized six projects for public spaces in the same number of municipalities, with investments of more than $24,000 million under the Antioquia Sustainable Habitat component, which develops meeting spaces for life throughout The territory which will provide approximately 40,000 square meters for the enjoyment of the residents of Antioquia.

“For the Government of Antioquia, the development of infrastructure in the department is an integral part: the development of massive mega-works such as the Guillermo Gaviria Echeverri tunnel and roads in the municipalities, for example, but also projects such as those of public spaces that are complementary to building the quality of life for all Antiochinos,” said the Minister of Physical Infrastructure of Antioquia, Santiago Sierra Latorre.

Two projects of municipal river parks in the Caldas and Andes, and four public parks in Abejural, Yundo, Belmera and Partado constitute the package of agreements signed in recent days between the government and the municipalities to provide more spaces for recreation, culture, entertainment and recreation. life for our people.

In connection with the two Parques del Río Municipales projects, Andean will have an investment of $4,252 million (Municipal contribution: $1,252,801,710) in the development of the 14,373 square meter La Chaparrala Quebrada park construction project that toured this week The governor in charge of Antioquia, Juan Pablo López Cortes, who also spoke with the merchants of the beneficiary sector about the positive effects of this type of project.

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“We thank our Governor of Antioquia, to the Department’s Physical Infrastructure Secretariat team, for giving us this happiness to more than 47,000 Andeans, because this project will be a tool for the public space to restore our valley, also to mitigate climate change, and mobility,” said Mayor Carlos Alberto Osorio Calderon. infantry.”

Parques del Río II, in the municipality of Caldas, will require investments of $9,445 million (municipality contribution: $144,584,9067) with an intervention of 6,550 square meters where spaces such as the multifunctional floodplain, football field and terrace area stand out. Among others and this, like the concept of the river gardens, also seeks to contribute to the mitigation actions against the phenomenon of climate change and within the climate emergency issued by Antioquia in 2020.

In the municipality of Abejorral, the Parque de la Vida – Honoring the Mother project will be developed on four components: Environment – Heritage – Public Space and Mobility. A total of 1,957 square meters will be involved in this project, which will require a joint investment (like all projects) of $1,923 million (municipal contribution: $423,335,870).

Mayor Julian Andrés Muñoz López said: “(…) thanks to the Governor of Antioquia Anibal Gaviria who went to Abijural, got to know the project, fell in love with it and today we are starting to crystallize this building process”.

In the Uraba subregion, in Apartadó, the adaptation and improvement project for La Martina Park will increase the quality of public spaces in this subregional development center with an intervention of 5280 square meters. With an investment of $3,882 million (municipal contribution: $2,782,817,007), the project is to renovate this park into a large one-story plaza.

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In the garden of ‘Guillermo Gaviria’ in Yondó, an investment of $1,200 million will be made and 998 square meters will enter where spaces for rest and meditation will be developed for the community, pergola systems providing comfortable accommodation for the residents of Yondó, a health gym, games for children, street furniture and landscaping; Among other features.

Finally, in Palmira, north of the department, this group’s public space project consists of the construction of the first phase of Trout Park – Río Chico. Resources totaling $3,299 million (municipality contribution: $299,621,490) will be invested there to transform 10,775 square meters in this operation which will include an ecotourism path, a Paramo viewpoint, an entrance or information room, a sports room, a footbridge and the formation of green spaces.

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