Anthony Blinkan celebrates US victory in football against Mexico

The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blink, Celebrated America’s victory over the Mexican football team.

“Just as we can’t ask for a better friend, neighbor and ally than Mexico, we can’t ask for a better competitor,” Blinken tweeted.

Coach of America after 2-0 win over Mexico, Greg Berholder, Promised that his players would jump on the field on Friday with the idea of ​​earning their respect Serious competitor.

“We talked about how Mexico did not respect us, and today we went out to get that honor on the field,” the coach concluded. 2022 World Cup Qualifiers in Qatar.

United States Following his success in the Concacaf Champions League and Gold Cup finals, he completed a total of three wins against Mexico in 2021.

Berholder’s team is now 14 points ahead of Qatar in the Confederations Cup qualifier, 2022, with 13 points, just as Mexico beat Costa Rica 1-0 at a Canadian stadium. Commonwealth of Edmonton – Matchday 8 Tuesday 16th November: Mexico face Canada.

The Andres Manuel Lோpez Obrador, President of Mexico It was reported on Friday that he would attend Commercial aircraft Directly Washington Joins North American Leaders Summit Joe Biden of the United States and Justin Trudeau of Canada.

Biden, Lopez Obrador and Trudeau They will meet for the first time in the US capital to officially address trade issues, the Govt-19 epidemic and the environment.

The last summit between North American leaders known as the “Three Friends” took place in 2016 and was discontinued. Donald Trump takes office in the United States (2017-2021).

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