Another room in the face for the Arad game!

ARAD. Unpublished – We do not take into account Mayor Fibra ‘s Facebook – Arad City Hall calls one of the best “pots” the Gala of Excellence Arad, in which he distributed deserving diplomas, we quote: Activists this year in health, education, business and sports, distinguished by management and performance. ”

Therefore, the 14th edition of the Arad Sports Gala – initiated and supported by former Mayor Giorgio Phalke – was ridiculed as an opportunity to recognize some of the values ​​that people speak appreciatively about our city.

Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and Services.

As for the special awards, if subjectivity is acceptable, there is no room for “negotiation” when it comes to performance and the preparation of Arat’s top ten athletes in 2020. It is unacceptable that CSM Arat’s number one athlete, weightlifter Cosmin Grupla, “throws” in 7th place does not recognize silver from the total he received at the World Junior Cup.

But the diplomas offered online for those in the sports category are here

Special Gifts: Mara Guler, Athlete, C.S. Arad University and Chess Club Vados Arad Team.

Young talent: Karina Guns, Rhythm Gymnastics, C.S. Municipal Arad, coaches Daniela Siriak and Tatiana Novikova; Carolina Sapo, Judo, CS University, Coach Carol Sapo and Sebastian Russ; Vanessa Oriah, Athlete, CS University, coaches Constantine Mikilia and Solton Sapo; Torina Costella Tofan, Dumbbells, C.S. Amoeba Arad, coach Giorgi Burgos; Tiberio Donos, Dumbbells, C.S. Amoeba, coach Kerkik Burgosi; Denise Ruchu, football, UDA, coach Laszlo Polind.

Athletes of the Year: First Place – Nicola Koman, Athlete, C.S. Universita, Coach Gabriel Boca, 2nd Place – Doreen Parven, Greco-Roman Wrestling, C.S. , Athlete, CS University, Coach Kotel’s Dracome; 5th place – Andrea Bobesku, Swimming, CSM, Coach Viral Pitang; 6th place – Sonia Ichim, Rhythm Gymnastics, SCM, coaches Daniela Siriak and Tatiana Novikova; 7th place – Cosmin Kripla, Dumbbells, SCM, Coach Adrian Jigu; 8th place – Andrea Ciobraca, Judo, SCM, Coach Dorin Trimbe; 9th place – Darius Enia, Dumbbells, CS Amefa, Coach Giorgi Burgosi; 10th place – Remus Bopa, Dumbbells, CS Amoeba, Coach Geohik Burgosi.

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Club of the Year: Arad Municipal Sports Club

Team of the Year: UDA

Coach of the Year: Laszlo Polind.

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