Another dispute resurfaces between Frederik and Mary of Denmark with Prince Joachim

Abdication of the Danish Royal Family

Cover Svensk Damtindning Rumors surrounding Joachim’s infatuation fueled an open rivalry between Mary and Mary, essential to the Danish royal house and, in particular, Queen Margaret They would take action on the matter and begin a campaign to dispel rumours, above all, to show that the king’s daughters-in-law were on perfect terms with each other; For this reason, foreign expeditions had to be conducted with the princes or by themselves in order to calm public opinion.

Denmark’s princes have not had good family relations over the years

As we know, the old tensions between children Margaret of Denmark And their wives prefigured a family failure that put the sons of man at the center of a new controversy. Prince Joachimfrom whom the princely title was withdrawn by order of his grandmother, which made him and both Mary Cavalier He informed the press that relations with the rest of the Danish royal family were “complicated”.

Other controversy of Federico and Mary of Denmark
Versions say that Prince Joachim was in love with his sister-in-law Mary, the wife of Prince Frederik.

For now, however, not only do Joaquin and Marie have problems that seem stable, but – at least for now – Princes Frederick and Mary.

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