Angelica Rivera, Seagal, debuts as a new leading lady; That’s how they caught it in concert

  • seagull’ After the divorce, she did not confirm on social networks that she was engaged in a new relationship Enrique Pena Nieto, Former president of Mexico.

Angelica Rivera Filmed by cameras window, A great time, next to her friends, at the whole concert of the group Mature For his tour in America.

However, it attracted a lot of attention Paparazzi That was Former First Lady of Mexico A was very with mysterious man. The pictures fueled rumours New love.

Although it is not clear who the accompanying person was angelica, The show’s hosts thought of Rivera and what his New hero They represent great chemistry together.

Here’s how they captured Angelica Rivera:

The protagonist Distilling love He has not reacted to these pictures or confirmed that he is in a new relationship.

However, after confirming her divorce, Angelica decided to step away from show business Enrique Pena Nieto and functioning First Lady of MexicoThe actress continues to give something to talk about.

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