Angela Merkel responded by expelling European diplomats from Russia. The Russian ambassador to Berlin was invited for explanations

Angela Merkel described Russia’s expulsion of several European diplomats as “unjustified” because they reportedly took part in protests in support of disgruntled Alexei Navalny. Defender.

“We believe these expulsions are unjustified. This is another indication that Russia is far from a state that respects the rule of law,” the German president told a news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday. AcerPressThe German government summoned the Russian ambassador to Berlin for clarifications.

Earlier, the head of German diplomacy responded to the evictions. Haiko said Moscow’s decision was “unresponsive.”

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb described the expulsion of the ambassadors as a “total attempt” to divert attention from Russia’s repression of Putin’s regime, and new evidence that Moscow is “turning international law”.

Meanwhile, Navalny again appeared in a Moscow court, this time accusing a World War II veteran of libel. Russian dissidents called the new case a “disgusting PR test.”

Alexei Navalny was sentenced by Russian authorities to 2 years and 8 months in prison for allegedly failing to inform the court of his whereabouts while in a coma. Following the decision of the Moscow court, thousands of people took to the streets in support of Navalny, and law enforcement responded by cracking down on the protests with extraordinary brutality.

Author: Adrian Dumitru

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