Angela and Anelis Aguilar prescribe spring fashion; They are beautiful with white tops: photos

In recent months Aguilar dynasty It has monopolized the cards of different media due to the questionable talent of each of its members who shine in modeling and music.

Built family Anelis and Pepe Aguilar It consisted of three famous sons: Anelis, Leonardo and Angela; The first of them is dedicated to modeling, the other two follow in their father’s footsteps in music.

Little by little, young people are beginning to explode into the world of entertainment, where it is increasingly common for them to talk about their posts on their respective profiles on Instagram.

Now, the singer and model became the topic of conversation after imposing fashion with a simple outfit for the immediate arrival of spring.

Their styles

On the respective social networks, young women shared two pictures of themselves wearing white tops, the truth is, they are jealous of different outfits.

The image was originally uploaded by the translator of “Tell Me How You Want”, “Besam Mucho” and “Como La Flo”, complemented the bold outfit with a coat and jeans in dark tones.

For her part, Anelis decided to show off as a real little angel because all of her clothes were in soft colors; The difference was that her top was so bold that there was an opening at the bottom of her chest.


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