Angela Aguilar surprises her fans with on-trend “futuristic” leggings

There was never any doubt Angela Achilar About her future, because she knew from a young age that the path she would follow was music, not only because she belonged to one of the most beloved and respected dynasties in Mexico, but since then she already showed it. There was the subject of singing prostrate in front of the camera

Now, at the age of 19, he can boast of an outstanding musical career. Successes in various fields guarantee continued drive to conquer his audiences in Mexico, South America and the United States. However, the translator of “La Llorona” seems to be indirectly related to fashion, since the publications he publishes on his social networks have made him a benchmark for his followers.

Through his Instagram stories, Angela Achilar He highlighted the “tribute” that Vogue paid him in this sense; His “Future Style” Leggings Stand out among the latest trends. Since then the singer has graced many models where she makes it clear that apart from being very original with her clothes, she has good taste.

Angela Aguilar with her futuristic leggings (Photo: Screenshot)

A dress called Daughter of Pepe Aguilar, drew attention for its black color through the lights, flaunting it on its virtual platforms, where it received applause from its loyal followers. However, on this occasion he shared only a hint of the mentioned medium. Of course he received many comments full of his praise followersMore than 9 million on Instagram alone.

Although Clothes of Angela Achilar They’re just as impressive as the clothes she wears in her presentations, surprising locals and strangers alike after she recently appeared in skin-tight sportswear that revealed her flat stomach. In this case, he explained that he is preparing more than the demand for the tour in America on 8 dates. Apart from being elegant, she made it clear that she is a professional as she always strives to deliver the best to her audience.

Angela Aguilar has become a fashion benchmark (Photo: @angela_aguilar_)

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