Angela Aguilar is crowned with a tiny waist in low-rise jeans

Angela Aguilar It has established itself as the fashion benchmark for the youth, this timen crowned with the smallest waist From the show with a casual look Low rise jeans He charmed more than one of his fans with a shirt.

This October 8th the singer, Daughter of Pepe Aguilar His 19th birthday will be celebrated, and festivities will begin the week He shared it with his millions of fans Instagram Their appearance is a series of successful photographsIt was confirmed as a fashion.

Angela Aguilar shows off her waist

It’s this Tuesday Angela Posted on the popular Meta site, where she has 8.8 million followers, the photos show her in various outfits, her look casual. Low rise denim pants He was one of those who loved him so much that he was perfect to show himself off Small waist.

Angela boasts a waist. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_

“Photo Dump P.D. My birthday is in 4 days”, the young translator accompanied the pictures with the sentence, joining a trend that has become very popular on the networks, mainly InstagramIt tries to share all kinds of snapshots.

With over 490k “likes” and thousands of comments, Angela She showed herself to be a true lover of fashion and style, but she was crowned with a small waist as she teamed up with a neon green top and a black tank top in a casual look of low-rise jeans.

Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughterThe singer who sang songs like “Really” and “Where I Seen” today is one of the best moments of his career. Because apart from being an icon in regional music, it is also a benchmark of style and fashion. And this is confirmed by his latest release.

The singer is confirmed as a fashionista. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_

Angela She is one of the most important artists of the regional genre, because at her young age she has already received dozens of awards, thus proving that she does not stand out only for her beauty; In addition, she has already been a model for various magazines, which is a role model for young women of her age.

Since her career began, translator, granddaughter Wildflower and Antonia AguilarPositioning herself as a style benchmark for her traditional embroidered dresses, she flaunts her small waist while showing off her pride in being Mexican.

Pepe Aguilar’s daughter shows the most beautiful traditional clothes. Photo: IG @angela_aguilar_

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