Angela Aguilar gives style chair; Has the best cat eye to highlight the look

One of the young artists of the moment, characterized by imposing a course with him Style, Which is no doubt Angela Aguilar, Who has given more than once Chair Subtle and elegant with her looks and makeup, she is one of the most famous women to wear Cat’s eye In order Highlight your look.

Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughter is currently playing the horns of the moon in her music career because the song “In In Reality” composed by singer Ana Barbara has been well received by her fans and followers and topped the popular charts.

Aguilar, 17-year-old, tested with minor change Style, One of her main characteristics became her short and dark hair, and her makeup with red lips perfectly combines with an eyeliner type Cat’s eye Highlight your eyes.

Angela imposes fashion with her style. Photo: Special

Angela Aguilar is on display with great style

The translator of “Lorona” and “Tell Me How You Want” continues to win over the public in Mexico and other countries, and continues to add followers on his social networks, especially his Instagram account. Recently reached 5.7 million.

In addition to the content he shares on his profile, Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughter is posting numerous videos of her stories, namely the video she showed this Friday, in which she can be seen wearing simple but very flattering makeup. Highlights his eyes.

In the pictures, you can see it Angela Aguilar It has a classic form that they call it Cat’s eye, Because it is an eye makeup that simulates the elegant look of a cat, with a stylized look. She combined her eyes with her lips and gave more play to the lips in a very natural red tone.

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The young singer knows how to highlight the eyes with her elegant lines. Photo: Special


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