Ángela Aguilar and the reason she doesn’t want a boyfriend

You know better Singer Angela Aguilar When she was just 17, some people thought she was too young to get a boyfriend, but the truth is, she mentioned to herself that she didn’t want to have a boyfriend because her heart was broken.

Since it started to become more popular Angela Aguilar He excelled a little in regional Mexican music and became one of the greatest exponents of this genre, along with his family and other translators.

That was the reason for that young woman Celebrity She does not currently want to have a boyfriend because she is focused on music and she is currently on tour with her father. Pepe Akilar And his older brother Leonardo Aguilar.

Jaripio without borders This is the name of the tour they undertook, which has become a success, and we can see this through their stories where they are dedicated to sharing their own content, but also other people who target them.

Angela Aguilar confirms that her beautiful heart is broken! | Instagram

However, perhaps some fans of that young woman will not be satisfied knowing that she is only dedicating herself to her music, she explained it to herself in an interview, but there is something else.

Angela broke her heart because she had deceived herself with a person who did not notice her, maybe something would have happened if she had taken the first step.

It’s likely to be on his new album. “Mexican love“Let’s find out the story of this broken heart, where she commented that she wanted to write a song on the phone because this simple device made her sad.

Because she knew she would never get a message or call from the person she wanted, of course it made her even more depressed, yet she knew how to combine these emotions and project them to music through this new album.

It is worth noting that she herself has mentioned that we will see 9 songs of her creativity on this album, so now she is embarking on her new project as a singer-songwriter, she also has some collaborations with other celebrities.

This is without a doubt New album It was made by hand, as she mentions in the description she shared when the album cover was revealed, referring to the fact that it was done with all the care in the world and above all a lot of love.

Being the smallest member of Aquila dynasty, The Mexican regional gender seems to have had an enormous responsibility on his shoulders as he has been a part of his family for generations.

That’s why Angela mentions that she only wants to focus on her music, especially since she’s in a relationship with another person who definitely doesn’t have the right focus to be with someone because she’s constantly working.

It was commented by her father on one occasion that despite the fact that many believe it was his one, the fact that she never let her daughter have a boyfriend, she wants to focus on one thing at a time, of course her music is perfect for concerts because you have no other worries.

Another thing he mentioned in an interview was that she did not like the idea of ​​having a celebrity boyfriend like her, because she likes her privacy, because they are both public figures, always be the attention-grabbing Christian nod and be with them as happens in Belinda.

Whatever date or time you have a boyfriend, your fans or decide Angels As she tells them, they will be eager to know that she is in love and above all happy.

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