Android: Radical change induced by Google and Apple

Android This is part of a radical change made by Google based on the inspiration of the work Apple has submitted to the iOS operating system offered on the iPhone and iPod. In particular, we are talking about a Google decision to implement it on Android computers, which does not allow users to monitor their activity in the various applications they use, is an amazing activity, but also very useful for users around the world.

Android It will have a slightly looser version of the iOS system that will let users know what kind of data their phone apps are accessing and how they are being tracked by apps by their monitoring systems. Unlike what is implemented in iOS, what Google is doing is giving developers access to information without having to accept that it should happen, and this does not damage the functionality of many applications.

Android: Google and Apple-inspired radical change

Android It has undergone this drastic change in the early stages of the development process, and Google has not yet thought about how everything should go, so it is not clear how all the changes will be made. It is also very likely that Google will decide that this change is not something that Android should achieve, so it can be decided not to do this again, but of course it will only be installed by a company somewhere in the future.

Android It is used by billions of users worldwide, so if Google decides to impose such a change, its consequences should be seriously explored. It was expected that this would not be as regulated as Apple thought about iOS, but since the two companies have different opinions on how to access data from apps, it is only natural that we will look at something separately on Android.

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Android This change can only be implemented initially in the 2022 edition, as it is now too soon to see Google implement it.

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