Android: Google’s new secret functionality for phones

Android There is a new secret function provided by Google for mobile phones and Standalone Smartwatches around the world, which has been revealed for some time, but the US company has so far avoided offering it. In particular, Google has implemented a function that allows you to double-tap the phone case to create a functionality in 11 versions of Android, which is being tested in the beta version of the operating system and will be removed in the final one.

Android This secret functionality for version 12 of the operating system has been brought back, which has been around for some time on Google Pixel phones, but now it reaches even the normal models. Google’s decision to offer this functionality on regular models of phones running the Android operating system is surprising, which is why they removed it from the 11 beta version last year, and the idea was considered abandoned.

Android: Google’s new secret feature for phones

Android Double-tapping the smartphone case allows phone assistants to unlock Google Assistant or multimedia control functions. Android allows you to customize this gesture to control a variety of actions such as closing an alarm, taking a screen shot or anything else that users want to do, and this idea is great because it offers versatility in use.

Android This will allow app developers to control other phone functions if they keep in mind to provide a variety of functionality. There is room to offer any feature for Android use, and since there is so much interest in this system it is only natural that Google wants to offer it to as many users as possible. But these features are now even available in Android Smartwatches for men too

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Android This feature may be removed from version 12 as it did with version 11, but Google may decide to deliver what we have been waiting for a long time.

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