Android 12: If your phone has a camera or microphone icon, someone might spy on you

The latest operating system Google, Android 12, Has the main function of ensuring that malicious persons do not have access to the camera and the user’s microphone.

The full operating system update includes privacy tools such as the locked folder in Google Photos, the quick delete feature to clear Google Chrome browsing histories, and the “Privacy Dashboard”.

One of the new additions is an indicator above Phone, In the upper right corner of the screen, shows the camera or microphone icon if an application requests access to that hardware.

That means this update Hackers Waves Dangerous applications Users can no longer quietly access such personal data that they have been worried about in the past.

In July 2020, an error occurred Instagram Enabled the “Camera On” notification on IPhones Even when users have not taken or taken a photo. It made people think I spied on them.

Aside from the icon, Android 12 will now keep track of which apps have accessed important information. This includes your camera and microphone, but also your location, calendar, call logs, contacts, files and more.

Users can find this information in the Privacy Dashboard under Settings, which displays a list of personal hardware or software and a pie chart.

The Quick Settings bar in the update has dedicated buttons that can be displayed by swiping down from the top of the mobile. These buttons can completely turn off the phone’s microphone and camera completely.


When you open an application that requires those permissions, make a call, or use the Native Camera app, it notifies the Android user that control is in effect and displays a button to deactivate it.

Android 12 is currently available on Google’s Pixel devices in the S21 and Note range Samsung, And the primary devices offered by Oppo and OnePlus.

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