Andrea Mesa violated surgical protocols

Chihuahua – Following the controversy over the alleged surgeries performed by her brother on Miss Universe Andrea Mesa by Rocio Reza Galegos, state president of the National Action Party (PAN), aesthetic procedures performed on patients, as explained by some medical professionals, are always part of a legal framework – a fact between patient and doctor After all, this is a matter of no ethics.

Reza Gallicos revealed on her social media that her brother, doctor Rogelio Reza, was a key player in the success of the Chihuahua Miss Universe.

In this regard, El Diario tried to contact both Rocio Reza and Rogelio without receiving an answer.

However, on the social networking site Facebook, the aforementioned doctor shares publicly in photos and comments about the beauty queen in which she makes it clear that she was part of her transformation and success.

It also announces that she is the official sponsor of Miss World, Miss United Continentals, Miss Mexico and Miss Chihuahua beauty pageants.

On May 16, Rozelio Reza posted on his Facebook account that the current Miss Universe, Andrea Mesa, had done a great job and that she had participated in the event. In this sense, Rocio Reza congratulated his brother for promoting this success.

In another opinion, the head of state ban points out that only the curriculum of her brother who treated Miss Universe is missing.

What the doctors say

In this context, plastic surgeon Ricardo Paca noted that professionals should keep their patients confidential due to professional ethics, although if there is an agreement between the patient and the doctor to use their image, it is “legally possible”.

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The surgeon clarified that ethics should prevail over patient consent because some physicians use the image of celebrities to gain more clients, emphasizing that this type of situation occurs in all professions.

Ricardo Paca pointed out that plastic surgeons should treat themselves with professional ethics and should not disclose what patients they receive and what procedures they have performed because contracts for the commercial dissemination of images of their clients are not professional. (Bernardo Islas / El Diario)

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