Ancelotti and Levan: “I will not do strange things”

Carlo Ancelotti He was criticized last season for his tactical changes against City in the second leg at the Etihad, which ended 4-0 for England. The Italian coach admitted that tomorrow, he is not going to find out. “I will not do strange things in the game, I am not going to tell you anything, but you are not going to make a mistake in the line. You can make a mistake in one, but the line is very clear. I have not told the players anything, there are some doubts, “the team will tell it tomorrow,” he said. He said.

About precisely Last season's playoffsthe Italian admitted, “We played without courage and without personality, which are fundamental aspects in these types of matches. We lacked that on the return. There was also a lack of football in certain situations of the game. It was not only a mental problem, but also a technical problem. They put too much pressure on us from the top and we “These are the things we want to avoid in this tie,” he said.

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“We have different characteristics with the ball. We had Benzema as a marker last year. We don't have a center forward this season, but we've dealt with this absence with a lot of movement. It's good for us. Mobility, no. Adjusting forward positions. “That's probably one of the keys to the game,” he said. .Or Ancelotti “The tie is at the feet of players of the highest quality,” said the forward. Both teams have players with many qualities. As always it will decide the match. Matches are decided by the players on the field. Apart from the strategy, it should be clear and the players should be committed to doing it in the best possible way. There are many things in these games: personal quality, duels, defense, counters… they have to be great. “We have to manage all these aspects very well.”

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About the competition Ancelotti d“It's important to get the best. The mental aspect like the courage and personality we need to have on the field is very important. We have had time to prepare and we have done well. I am confident. We will go tomorrow to give our best mentally, physically, technically, in every way. Good enough to compete.” We have the quality,” he explained. “It's a very attractive match. Both teams are not playing the same way. , because each has its own characteristics, but they are teams with individual quality on the field. We will see a very good match at the technical level. We will be superior in some aspects. , among others we think they'll be better. After 180 minutes they'll see superiority. That's the superiority of the “winner of the tie.”

Ancelotti, pOn the other hand, he admits to being constantly nervous about a game like tomorrow. “Yes, very nervous. The hours leading up to a game are affected on an individual level. The other day I was thinking that failure is misery and success is happiness, but not so. Victory is peace. When you win titles it's nice, but individual success is a relief. You will be calm and happy, but suffering is part of your work. That's what keeps you alive. “It's gasoline for me,” he said.

About the competition Anjaloti He explained that it was a very attractive competition. No two teams play the same, because each has its own characteristics, but they are teams with individual quality on the field. We will see a good match at the technical level. We think we are superior in some respects and they are superior in others. After 180 minutes we will see superiority. “Whoever wins the tie will be supreme.”

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Those that don't irritate the anjaloti He has (Bellingham, Vinicius, Camvinga and Chaumeny). “I'm not thinking about not putting them in. The first leg is very important because we have the opportunity to play at our ground and we have to use this small advantage,” said the disbelieving Italian. City will pressure the referee to allow those four players to see yellow and miss the return leg: “We're not thinking about that. We have to think about other things to prepare for a match like this. We have four players ready and if one of them gets a yellow card, the other will play in the second leg. . “It's not about worrying about tomorrow's game.”

Finally, Anjaloti spoke about it City casualties Many doubt it, but not him. “They've had casualties but they've dealt with them as well as we have. Guardiola has played the centre-backs as full-backs and they've done well. They're very solid at the back. It doesn't affect them,” he said.

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