Ana Porbara responded to a fan who called herself “old” at the entire concert

The Mexican singer shared a strange moment recorded during a show in the United States.

Ana Porbara delighted her supporters during the “Mexican Fiesta” event last weekend in Milwaukee, USA.

The translator of “Pandito” posted some pictures of the show he presented on his Instagram, in which he wasted his talent and eroticism on stage.

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However, the celebrity also mirrored a video posted on Dictok in which he caught a fairy tale that lived in the middle of the show.

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The 50-year-old Mexican singer was confronted by a fan who called her “old”.

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According to the record, a man in the front row shouted at her: “What a beautiful old woman!” The artist walked in front of him as he walked on stage.

Although the singer’s real name, Altacrecia Ugalde Motta, seemed to take the situation with humor, he responded with his style: “Not so old, cart ***”, which caused the audience to laugh.

On Instagram, Ana Borbara with the extraordinary momentary description: “The old mountains and they turn green”, which created a series of comments from fans of the translator of “Trap”, praises for being popular among them her age.

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