Ana Ligia de Saga was sentenced to 10 years in prison for money laundering

Oscar Eduardo Sol Miksco, Anna Ligia’s brother and Milton Romeo Avilles were sentenced to seventeen and seven years in prison, respectively, for the same crime.

The court verdict against Ana Ligia de Saga was announced this afternoon, and she was sentenced to ten years in prison for money and property fraud.

In addition, Aska Eduardo Sol Miksco, Ana Ligia’s brother and Milton Romeo Avilles were sentenced to seventeen and seven years in prison, respectively. All were transferred to the Bartolinis of the Isitro Menandes Judicial Center in San Salvador.

Ana Ligia de Saga, her brother and seven others have been charged with embezzling $ 17.6 million from public funds during the administration of former President Elias Antonio Saga through a company called Grupo Radial Comics. Find Corruption II.

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According to the prosecutor, the reading of the sentence against the accused will take place on June 21, at the same time confirming that the conviction of all those convicted was able to verify the participation and presence of the crime, and as a result shows the existence of an eviction using machines designed to launder public funds and money.

On March 4, the prosecutor’s office asked the Fourth Sentence Court to sentence the former First Lady and her brother to 15 years in prison for being accomplices of Tony Saga. Crimes committed during his presidency between 2004 and 2009.

Picture of former First Lady Ana Ligia de Saga after serving ten years in prison for money and property fraud. Photo: EDH / Francisco Rubio

In February of this year, on the eve of the trial of the Unscover Corruption II case, an expert from the prosecutor’s office explained how accounting had changed in the companies of the Samix radio group with the intention of covering up the “illegal appearance”. Funds paid into them.

“Since the companies have to submit their financial statements, tax returns to the Registrar of Trade and the Ministry of Finance, it is necessary to justify the entry, then the accounting of the companies is changed and the announcing expert explained it in detail,” said one of the lawyers in the case.

“It was not mentioned who hid the information, the invoice was not attached because in the end some were justified. However, most of them were not available and the information was concealed in this way.”

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He argued that if the accounting had been done properly and the external auditors who conducted the accounting examinations and they had reported all irregularities in accounting, the Ministry of Finance would have detected it in advance and conducted it. Audits on companies. Of the specified group.

It further said that the Finance Ministry had informed the Attorney General’s Office in advance to investigate these accounting discrepancies in order to bring criminal proceedings against the tax administration and the malpractice was detected in a timely manner.

For his part, Elias Antonio Saga, who faces half the sentence he received in 2018 for looting the state with $ 301 million in October this year, can claim the freedom he has sought after reaching five in ten years. Convicted in 2018, two years after being arrested in October 2016.

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