An elderly man dies in a Culebra shelter

A nearly 82-year-old man died Saturday of a heart attack while at the shelter. SnakeTropical Storm Fiona’s passage was activated, the mayor confirmed Edilberto Romero.

“We looked for him because he lives in a small house that is not safe. The municipal staff talked to him and he decided to go to the shelter. When he was taken to the shelter, he was joking with the people there and apparently he had a heart attack. The paramedics treated him in the area, but they could do nothing. Couldn’t do it,” the mayor explained over the phone. new day.

He added that the incidents took place around noon.

“He joked that he was 28,” she lamented. He was alone as his family and granddaughter were not in Culebra. He has been alone for a week and we are monitoring him.

The island municipality sheltered the School of Ecology. Earlier, the mayor had indicated to this newspaper that there were five refugees in two designated rooms.

On providing services amid the emergency, Romero said they are ready with a CDT, a doctor, nurses and paramedics. He pointed out that if a situation arises when the storm passes, they should wait until the weather is not dangerous.

“I always worry about people who live alone, pregnant women. We have already removed from Culebra something that was at high risk, but we continue little by little, I hope there will not be any kind of situation,” he said.

The National Weather Service (SNM) The island municipality of San Juan was expected to receive six to eight inches of rain as Tropical Storm Fiona passed, along with winds of 35 to 45 miles per hour (mph) and gusts of 70. mph

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