AMLO reacts harshly to The Economist’s cover: “Fool, liar and interference”

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This Friday, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed the cover of the magazine. Economist, Dedicated to the President of MexicoWrong Messiah “ This “Majadhera, Liar and Investigator”.

During his traditional morning conference in the Treasury Room at the National Palace, Lopez Obrador, the cover of the prestigious British publication, asked not to vote for the Mexican Morena and promised that there would be no professional ethics.

“They put out this funny card, so rudely, of course a liar, they call me the ‘false messiah.’ Do you remember the tropical messiah? Well, this is the only one, still unethical, they call the Mexicans not to vote for what we can represent.” I’m going to go to the UK and ask the British to vote for my Labor friend. Well, I can not do that because it is similar to English. ”, He insisted.

The Mexican president has promised that this will happen because there is a lot of anger over the changes taking place in the country.

Photo: EFE / Sáshenka Gutiérrez / Archive

“Then why don’t they even respect the forms … because it’s a mood, a lot of anger, because changes are taking place in the country, and then their representatives in Mexico, the defenders of the policy of looting by organic intellectuals. Everyone who was there now regrets it because people said enough. So we should be respectful, but at the same time, distinguish yourself, we are not one. Now it is our morality that we have to defend. “, He promised.

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A few minutes later, Lopez Obrador confirmed that the people of Mexico were one of the most politicized in the world, saying “the English press does not know this”.

“For example, what does that magazine do? This is ridiculous and you can do everything in journalism and politics, but don’t fool yourself into one. Imagine a cover like a poster … this is a very bad campaign, Pasquin … then it won’t help you. If the media is already facing a severe credibility crisis. These popular magazines go through a difficult situation, but if they do not change the editorial policy and act ethically, they will not even be read in London, ”he concluded.

This Thursday, the most recent version Economist As listed by the Mexican President “Wrong Messiah”.

By the editorial entitled “Voters must control power-hungry president in Mexico”, Although the British media did not have some of the disadvantages of other populist leaders for AMLO “This is a danger to Mexican democracy,” Tabasco said.

Since his campaign, Lopez Obrador has produced a speech with two adversaries: “the people,” his supporters and the “elite”, who he condemns as criminals and traitors, blaming the country’s problems. From there, he continues to move under the argument that “he still builds true democracy”.

(Photo: Israel Vargas / Economist)
(Photo: Israel Vargas / Economist)

However, “He’s a strange creature,” as he usually calls the public vote to solve problems. “As a ploy to remind voters of the shortcomings of previous regimes, it is unique. It is also a mockery of the rule of law.”, Stressed the middle.

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That’s why -he said EconomistJune 6 elections are appropriate. The government of Lopez Obrador will end in 2024, and the National Assembly is in danger, including governors, state assemblies and local offices.

“Voters have a chance to stop the president by rejecting his party Morena,” the editorial says, but it is unclear to date whether the Mexican will choose that option. The executive still has 61% approval, while “the opposition could not offer a coherent alternative” and “further the levers he controls, Lopez Obrador can follow his plan to replace Mexico”, Insisted the release.

A few hours after the content of the British publication was published, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Abbott sent a letter to the media, The content was posted on his personal Twitter account.

“The failure of the elite to understand Lopez Obrador today seems to recur in its pages.”The document was signed by the head of the Ministry of External Affairs (SRE)

He recalled that the achievements of the Fourth Transformation were multifaceted, with the epidemic always focusing on those in need such as non-payment of debt or rising inflation, as well as a historic increase in the minimum wage.

Photo: EFE / Jose Montes / Archive
Photo: EFE / Jose Montes / Archive

“As Lopez Obrador has always promised, he has fulfilled his promise to prioritize and focus on spending for the poor. At the same time, it maintains financial discipline and public funds,” he stressed.

So, like a media strike, he said Economist Expressing negative comments on election days and calling for a vote against the president and his party Morena, the Mexican community, especially those with limited resources, say it is wrong to support Lopez Obrador.

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“But the most significant of the texts, because of how absurd it is, is that President Lopez Obrador has somehow undermined Mexican democracy, when the things he did are the exact opposite,” he said.

“Isn’t it time to question whether it is the elites who are angry and resentful of President Lopez Obrador?

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