Amid controversy surrounding the collapse of the Todos Front bloc in the Senate, the governor of Entre Rios has confirmed that he will continue to work in space.

Alberto Fernandez and Gustavo Burdette in Entre Rios

Gustavo Burdette He distanced himself from the senator’s decision Edgar Quaider To break the bloc of the Todos Front, with three other Peronists, and ratify its alliance within the Todos Front. As I mentioned to infobaethe legislator—recognized for being a man of his confidence—did not have the support of the ruler to separate himself from space.

“Holding the discussion and achieving consensus within Frente Todos should be our political strength springboard. I agree on the need for unity to continue building the basic agreements for the 2023 electoral process,” the governor said via a post on his social networks.

In addition, Burdett considered that “L fractions They only contribute to cracks and our goal as a political space is to give Argentina a future of sustainable development and growth over time. Our affiliation with this project is unquestionable and unconditional.

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In a conversation with this outlet, the provincial government explained that Purdy came out to distance himself from Koeder “with the intention of Gustavo to define his position, not to confront Edgardo. He respects his decision, but he wanted to make his position clear.”

In addition, they realized that Kueider, Bordet’s trusted historical man, did not have a move Consent of the Governor of Entre RiosThey infiltrated the provincial government headquarters.

Tweet by Gustavo Burdette, Governor of Entre Rios

Koueider, along with other pro-government senators, decided to disperse and form the Federal Unity Caucus. The new seat is chaired by Guillermo Snopec of Jujuy and complemented by Carlos “Camao” Espinola (Corientes), María Eugenia Catalfamo (San Luis) and Alejandra Figo of Córdoba, who is in charge. Juan Chiaretti and that he was never part of the Todos Front.

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Of this new seat, only Koueider and Catalfamo come from provinces governed by the Todos Front.

A year ago, Qweider. Snopek and Espínola threatened to break the block but to form an Albertine group in the Senate. Then the relationship with Alberto Fernandez cool off. Since he was able to rebuild this facility, the man from Entre Ríos is resentful of the chief for not making his promise to give Entre Ríos the power advantages Norte Grande has.

Senator Koueider said infobae That his exit from the pro-government bloc and the integration of Figo into space has nothing to do with the electoral plan rally announced by Schiaretti and the former governor of Salta Juan Manuel Urtubey.

The separation left the ruling party facing difficulties in achieving a majority in the Senate, and this morning 37 deputies could not discuss the agenda planned for the last special session.

There, Snopek took the opportunity to announce that his new seat was accompanying the proposed powers, for example In knowing the body there is massHe called for “parliamentary meetings.”

the The Todos Front’s intention was to hold a double session. On the one hand, electing the authorities, and once this procedure is done, moving forward with an agenda of agreed issues. The idea was to punish Zero alcohol’s law and Lucio’s law, Two projects have received half approval and are supported by all blocs. However, the ruling party began to feel the first effects of the loss of four senators and Failed to obtain the number of attendees needed to open the discussion.

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We can’t meet because Together for Change does not give us a quorum to discuss any issue. “We had people from different counties who wanted to come to the session where we were going to agree to no alcohol and we had to ask them not to come because we didn’t have a quorum,” said the pro-government senator. Annabelle Fernandez Sagasti.

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