America vs Tigress (2-1): Farewell to the unbeaten 40-game Felino | Video

With Contradictions Against, USA Femen Surprise and Tigress defeated Feminine 2-1 On top of that Ida Of Semi-final of Apertura 2021 In Liga MX Femenil. Daniela Espinosa and Sarah Loubert Nearly 9,000 fans gathered at the Azteca tonight to explode in emotion.

Craig Harrington A sought after Full defensive system After seeing the success Cats They put Cruise Asul Women A. in the quarterfinals 8-0 total, Four goals per game.

Created this situation Tough first 45 minutes, Nails on azulcremas regression with attention And creating five lines in each attack attempt University.

One Very dangerous plays Of Ave. Formed with the lead regression Monica Rodriguez Below the right band, but Tony Espinosa failed Will come Push the ball What happened before Ofelia Solis

America aroused emotions in Femen

The For the second time Some cats started trying to break the lock Cream blue Return Shots away Like the one who tried Stephanie Meyer From the edge of the area, but the ball came into quiet hands Renata Massierelli.

The First call to destination The fans and the American cheers came. A Great goal From Espinosa Caused the hubbub on World Cup Colossus. The forward stood alone with a sealed score Angelique’s “robbery” work SaltivaR. And utilized Carelessness From Bianca Sierra.

The Protecting Was worn Driving Of the sphere A cat move again, But he could not see the shadow of Azulgrima, he took the ball from him with his left foot. Just a Light Nutz and Angelique won the cat side. It was fair to serve Tony, he was rewarded, he outlined himself and destroyed his right leg in the background Ophelia Solis.

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The Answer By Roberto Medina Was to give Gateway to Nancy Antonio Have more attack and Craig Harrington He also responded with a defense: Selena Valera For that Soldier, Ball thief for goal.

After a series of changes by two strategists, Medina could not find a way to penetrate the Azulgrama lineOn the other hand, the home team had the luxury of expanding the score Sarah Lupert 2-0. The player closed the provided clamp Monica Rodriguez The court was almost finished from the right.

Tigers Required locations and Stephanie Meyer Showed. Qualified for Best Cat Player Fer Elizondo With backward center, Mayor Karen Luna hit and pushed the ball.

Five minutes after adding, America celebrated its victory During the trip Half In front of some strangers Cats That Will take revenge Next Monday with the security of its grounds and its people.

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