Olympia rises again after defeating Real Sociedad, encouraging US-Mexico-Dice fight

Olympia has no problem beating Real Sociedad and returning to where he wants to be: first in the championship. Togoa’s 3-1 win over the men makes them separate themselves from Motagua, who reduced their distance, but today they escaped again.

A crazy start, in just eight minutes he already had two goals in the bag with the rival, but the coach Hector Castellan He got up, moved the board by shifting a center in tactical matter within 11 minutes and was able to stop the attacks to balance the game.

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These records were another of Tokova team saviors. The clubs had three auctions, which could result in a better result, with Jose Mario Pinto, Ezuel Aguirre and Michael Cyrinos taking the paint. Jerry Benson He did not walk with good intentions. 3-1 was perfect for whites who played without much pressure.

After 2-0, its awareness with the goal of Real Sociedad and Ronnie Martinez came close to a dive in a division, filtered to Altamirano with an action by Danilo Tobias, who was unable to control the ball better and wasted a good chance. Troclio quickly realized that he needed to renew the team as he could not keep losing points.

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The white box was perfect, and Troclio updated it, but before that he had a play in favor of those who came from heaven. Real Sociedad defender Jere Gutierrez began to cut himself off a Syrinos cross in the direction of Pengson, and he aimed it at his target.

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In the end, he leaves with the advantage that he will now play comfortably in the remaining games as he will come up with a 3-point cushion and good goal difference; Motto will be able to match him on Wednesday in his scheduled match against Real Sociedad, but Troclio now know that now is the final stage where he wants to see all the potential.

Real Sociedad are determined in the exit zone, the point added by Real de Minas against Mottago takes them three points ahead and puts them on the edge of the knife for the next confirmation. Castellon has given the team a refresh because the story would have been different had it not been for the specific bugs they were given at the start of the game.

Albos has now arrived for Tuesday’s game against the mighty Eagles USA from Mexico In the first leg of the Confederations Cup round 16. The only accident for Troclio’s team was from midfielder Debbie Flores due to suspension.

Game Sheet

Olympics (3): Edrik Menzover, Mailer Flores, Elvin Casildo, Johnny Leverkusen, Javier Portillo; Ezuel Aguirre, Debbie Flores, Jose Mario Pinto, Josman Fikurova, Michael Cirinos and Jerry Benzen. DT Pedro Troclio

Royal Society (1): Obad Enamorado, Robbie Matteo, Yier Guttierez, Sony Fernandez, Manor Antonos; Christian Altamirano, Envar Salcado, Danilo Tobias, Jorge Claros; Kemsi Abbott and Ronnie Martinez. DT Carlos Castellon


Entered: Eustin Arpoleda and Jerry Penson at least 65
Entered: Josman Fikurova and Jose Mario Pinto e. 65
Entered: Edwin Rodriguez and Michael Cyrinos at least 65
Entered: Diego Reyes and Ezequiel Aguirre at least 76
Entered: Brian Beckles and German Mejia E79 came out

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The real community
Entered: Osman Melkares and Kemsi Abbott at least 46
Entered: Wilmer Fuentes and George Claros e. 66 came out
Entered: Clinton Arso and Danilo Tobias e. 66 came out
Entered: Wilsey Wood and Robbie Mathews at least 75 left
Entered: Jonathan Corso and Ronnie Martinez e. 75 left

Real Sociedad: Sony Fernandez with a minimum of 13, Danilo Tobias with a minimum of 42, Obad Enomarado with a minimum of 81
Olympics: Johnny Lever at least 45

1-0 Jose Mario Pinto at least 4
1-1 Michael Cyrinos at least 8
2-1 Ronnie Martinez at least 32
3-1 Yer Guttierez (own goal) at least 48

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