America makes a decision with Cuban MLB players and the World Classic – in full swing

Official Note

Federation Cubana de Baseball (FCB) has been informed that the United States government has granted permission to athletes of Cuban descent residing in the country to join their team in the V World Baseball Classic, scheduled for March 8-21, 2023.

“We have received information from Clasico organizers that they have been granted the license they requested to register Cuban athletes residing in the United States, regardless of whether Cuban teams belong to MLB or not.”, confirmed. Juan Reynaldo Pérez Pardo, President of FCB.

“The communication indicates that the details of the granted license will be announced soon. Once this happens, we will be in a position to announce the score in front of the Cuban team,” Pérez Pardo added.

“While we recognize these gestures as positive steps, it is important to point out that they are the only reasonable solution to the problem.

» Requiring US government approval for organizers of a sporting event to guarantee the participation of a country like Cuba is arbitrary and discriminatory. Classify like the other 19 teams participating in the V Clasico.

» It is also unfair for Cuban athletes, Cuban athletes trained in our country and Cuban athletes who, despite all the pressure, want to represent their people, to rely on the US government’s authorization to comply. “It is their dream to play with the country of their birth,” the FCB president added.

“We want to recognize and thank the work of MLB and the World Baseball and Softball Federation as organizers of the Classic. Cuba continues its preparation,” concluded Pérez Pardo.

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