America beat Pumas with power in Liga MX Femenil

The Eagles of America By breaking through it they maintained their amazing momentum UNAM Pumas by a landslide (3-0). This is in a match related to matchday 15 of Liga MX Femenil. Aurelie Casey Scored a goal Sarah Lubert Contributed by a Double Add three units to support Azulgremas.

Kasi appeared

People from Goba LogrAaron Step up your game Possessed the ball from the first minutes. After a couple of attacking chances, Azulgremas managed to open the scoring with a cannon shot. French midfielder Aurelie Casey.

Aileen Aviles He was in charge of dispatching the toxic service to the area Heidi Gonzalez. Following that, the European was first to beat Pumas' goal with a powerful shot, not targeting herself to receive the ball.

Lubert took flight

Already in the second half, American attacking midfielder Sarah Lubert signed an amazing double against Auriasul. Action that made fans Creamy blue was in Sports City Stadium I will fill her with praise.

In the 76th minute, the USA organized a wonderful attacking opportunity. Nicky Hernandez, overflowing down the left before helping Sarah Lubert. After some time, the America He turned on his back University Centers 2-0 must be stopped.

Likewise, Sarah Lubert scored in the 83rd minute Dirz Delgado Enter the small section and finish with the title. Although Heidi Gonzalez tried to block the shot, the American sent her to double and save to sign off. Final 3-0.

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