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One of the most successful Turkish products internationally ““(“”In its original language), Univision a Telenovela aired in the United States from March 2021 with Neslihan Atakal (Nare Celebi) and Engine Aguirre (Sankar Epheolu) as its main protagonists … until the end of its second season.

More info: When will the third season of “Angel’s Daughter” be released?

The Has been around Shankar and Nare, Two young men who have known each other since childhood and fall in love over time. However, the girl’s parents do not recognize their relationship because they belong to one of the richest families in the country and expect the girl to marry someone from the same social class.

It was released on December 16, 2019 and has 52 episodes, divided into two seasons, although for its version for the US, the episodes are divided into three installments.

More info: This will be the third season of “Angel’s Daughter”

Produced by Sefirin Kızı NGM and O3 Medya and aired by Star TV (Photo: Univisión)

Run Acure

One of the most recognizable of this genre for participating in such great successes as the Ottoman actor “What’s wrong with Fatmagal?” And other Turkish reality shows. The big leap he made, Interpretation Sancar Efeoglu.

Character No one Impressed the public because reviving a character with so many flaws who constantly struggle to do the right thing is no easy task. As the second season draws to a close, his story unfolds as Narayan’s final departure is seen, and he retires with the hope of a new life. Shankar And your daughter Fairy.

Why would the actor be the only leading player?

Without Neslihan Adakul, Focusing only on the character of the soap opera Shankar, Which makes him the protagonist of the third installment, which is well-received news by the actor’s fans 39 years, Who accumulate more 512 thousand followers On your profile Instagram.

When does “Ambassador’s Doctor 3” start?

Followers of this series are very much looking forward to know when these new episodes will air section; However, the Hispanic chain has not yet revealed the official premiere of Season 3. It has only released a message through its social networks, which says it will be there soon.

We are coming soon with another exciting season“, It was mentioned on Instagram.

“The Ambassador Doctor” won the prize in Turkey

Soap Opera “Daughter of the Angel” The award was given for being the most successful “Best Series” At Izmir Film Festival in Turkey . With this, it has been integrated into one of the record-breaking products in various countries where it has been bred.

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