Ambassador’s Daughter Season 3: This is a Turkish soap opera after Narain’s departure. Fame

Until the end of the second season ““(“”In its original language), Neslihan Atakal (Nare Celebi) and Engine Aguirre (Sankar Efeolu) are the main characters of this story that the Universi முதல்n aired in the United States from March 2021. However, things will change after the female star of the show leaves.

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At the end of the season , Nare decides to walk away from Sankar and Melek to heal their wounds. In a heartbreaking letter, the young woman bids farewell to her boyfriend: “I can’t love anyone, not even my daughter, as much as I can. I wanted to be a good mother, I wanted to be better than my family, but I would betray my daughter the worst if I didn’t leave now. Melek would be fine without me, how good I would be without my mom, ”says a piece of writing.

Narayan’s unexpected farewell marks the addition of a new protagonist: . This character comes to restore Sancar Efeoğlu to the illusion of love. This is not the only novelty of the third season of “Daughter of the Angel”; Below, more details about it.

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Until “The Ambassador’s Daughter” Season 2, Neslihan Atakal (Nare Celebi) and Engine Aguirre (Sankar Epheolu) are the protagonists of the story (Photo: NGM / O3 Media)

This is the third season of “The Ambassador Doctor”

In principle, after learning of the departure of Nestlஹ Atakal, the focus should be only on the character of the Turkish soap opera Sankar, which becomes the protagonist of the third installment. However, with the entry of Tuba Büyüküstün, the plans of the filmmakers may have changed.

While the actress was a new face to Hispanic audiences, Tuba was widely recognized in Turkey, and her work transcended the borders of her home country. He has starred in hit films such as the Turkish soap opera “Kara Para Aag” from around the world.

Earlier this year, the actress shared a video on Instagram in which she showed her first scene on “Angel’s Daughter”; Through that clip, he wrote: “If something flows easily to you, accept it in your life. I thank my entire team for my eyes that look at me with love and confidence. We all get wet in different ways in the same rain.

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Honestly, Buy Tuba And Engine Acurek They had already met on “Kara Para Aag”, so their reunion on screen was one of the most anticipated. The actor did not hesitate to show the new poster of Melodrama on his Instagram account in April this year, in which the two have teamed up for the first time as the new lead couple for the third season of “Ambassador Daughter”.

The promotional poster for this has been shared by actor Engine Aguirre "Daughter of the Ambassador" (Photo: Engine Aguirre / Instagram)
Actor Engine Aguirre shared a poster for “The Ambassador’s Daughter” (Photo: Engine Aguirre / Instagram)

The Turkish actress, on the other hand, fit right in with the work team and won the love of her colleagues. Evidence for them is a woman named Bern Zenolp (Melek), with whom his character has a very close relationship and their friends off-screen.

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Bern Jenolp, Tuba Piogastan and Engine Aguirre will be the protagonists of the third season "Daughter of the Ambassador" (Photo: Bern Zenolph / Instagram)
Bern Jenolph, Duba Boycosten and Engine Aguirre will star in the third season of “The Ambassador’s Daughter” (Photo: Bern Jenolp / Instagram)

When does “Ambassador’s Doctor 3” start?

Followers of this series are very much looking forward to know when these new episodes will air section; However, the Hispanic chain has not yet revealed the official premiere of Season 3. It has only released a message through its social networks, which says it will be there soon.

We are coming soon with another exciting season“, It was mentioned on Instagram.

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