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Ottoman drama “”(“ Seferin Koso ”in its original language) hit the screens in Spanish-speaking countries, where its dramatic story and impeccable performances captivated hundreds of thousands. The Produced by NGM and O3 Media and first released on December 16, 2019.

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This program calculates The story of Nare and SankarTwo young men who have loved each other since childhood will have to fight against the girl father of a powerful man who will do everything to prevent that relationship; Thus they will try to flee to get married, but they will not succeed and will rebuild their lives until everyone meets again.

The protagonists of this plot are the Ottoman stars Neslihan Attakal (Nare) y Engin Akiyerek (Sankar). If you want to know when the end of this wonderful soap opera will be, read on.

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When was Emperor’s doctor’s decision made?

Unfortunately for the audience Turkish victory, The program already has an end date; A new novel is coming out in its prime time. This is about melodrama “He who has no soul”, Which comes on screens Monday, August 23 at 10:00 pm on Univision.

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What about Desalmada?

New soap opera stars Livia Brito and Jose Ron. The story tells life Fernanda, A simple woman who marries her boyfriend Santiago, To start a new life in his hometown; However, plans change when her husband is murdered by secret men on the wedding night.

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that day The young woman was furious Is wonderfully saved by their leader. Thanks to the husband’s best friends, he is taken to his father’s farm, who To die of grief I saw the suffering of his daughter. So the years go by Fernanda becomes unhappy and heartless He will only be at peace when he takes revenge.

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Will other actors participate in Desalmada?

Marjorie de Sousa as Julia Doreblanca

Marilyn Favela as Leticia Lagos

Eduardo Santamarina as Octavio Toscano

Kimberly dos Ramos as Isabella Gallardo

Sergio Passes as German Gallardo

KP Mellado as Clara Ochoa

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