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This Sunday is a sad day for millions of fans Chivas after being eliminated in the rematch against Puebla, but for others it’s time to mock and celebrate the defeat of the herd. Such is the case Alvaro Morales, ESPN spokesman Video uploader on social media Rojiblanco screamed at the height of defeat.

Cruz is seeking to become Rebano’s first public opponent since announcing he would stop supporting Azul as an American. Brujo accused Chivas of being “mediocre and a failure”.Since they did not enter the ligulla at this opening 2022.

They couldn’t even ‘Shivander’.. where are they Normal team. When you see a Shiva, you see a failure, a mediocrity. And Alexis Vega? How small you are compared to great players like Henry Martin. Keep watching Pelez, Vergara, Canelo fight there,” part of the driver’s recorded shouts.

Even Alvaro Morales didn’t watch the game on ESPN

Interesting video posted by Alvaro Morales exemplifies that He wanted to see Puebla against Chivas on TV Azteca Narrated by Christian Martinoli and Luis Garcia, Instead of following him on ESPN Note that along with George Pietrasanta and Celis, the controversial communicator works for a Disney-owned television station.

Puebla now faces the United States in the quarterfinalsWith the Aida tournament in Angelopolis midweek and the Vuelta at the Azteca Stadium at the weekend, the Aguilas are heavy favourites, finishing as leaders and having won eleven of their last twelve games.

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