Allianz Lima beat Condola 2-1 at San Marcos Stadium

Allianz Lima and Kandolaw face off for the fourth day of the second leg of League 1. The transmission goal will be the responsibility of Peru.

The Blues and Whites will try to reconnect with the win after amassing two consecutive draws that cooled the good feeling of the first day, in which they beat Ayakucho FC 4-1.

After a goalless draw against Allianza UTH and the Sport Boys, the team led by Carlos Pastos is looking for three points that puts him at the top of the table and he is now fifth.

Academia Condolao, directed by Jorge Espezo, has yet to win a match after suffering his first defeat with Sporting Crystal and adding two matches in the tournament (against Cianciano and Ayacucho FC).

We dream of qualifying for an international tournament. We are less on budget than San Martin, but it does not remove the dream that we are going to fight and we are going to get involved, I say it with full confidence. The team is on the right track“The telephone’s strategist said in the foreword to the fight.

Condolaw is a team with fewer points than it deserves, it has important players, and the buzz of the games counts because we are going to play on an artificial turf. It will be harder and harder as we last lived“, Announced Carlos Pustos after Allianza Lima’s last presentation.

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