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WhatsApp has announced several new features in September, some of which are the most important in its history.

We compile the messages that have arrived on WhatsApp in September

A small improvement in WhatsApp affects millions of users around the world September has a lot of interesting news For the world’s most popular messaging app. There are many improvements this month, new features that have already arrived and we know are coming.

Whatsapp messages for September

when A good news has arrived on WhatsApp in SeptemberSome may be considered historic innovations in messaging use because of the major change that could be made in the future.

WhatsApp for iPad

We have been asking A The official WhatsApp app and messaging app for iPad is finally about to launch. WhatsApp for iPad is now official in beta form and will be launched on the App Store very soon. WhatsApp had to change the way it works, allowing you to log in on different devices, which is now starting to become possible.

WhatsApp screenshot

This is what WhatsApp looks like on iPad in official beta

For now, the WhatsApp iPad app is under development And only those who have access to WhatsApp beta for iOS can try it. However, the design and functionality seems very advanced, so it shouldn’t take long to launch on the App Store.

Compatibility with third-party applications

A completely historic change that WhatsApp is being forced to make by new European laws. Third-party messaging apps require WhatsApp to be unlocked, Telegram etc. This means that a contact can send you a message from Telegram to your WhatsApp and from other apps like iMessage.

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This change is already visible in WhatsApp beta It may not come for a while. WhatsApp is still months away from applying the EU Digital Markets Act.

Basque support

This is one A remarkable news that hit WhatsApp in recent days. Password login is an authentication method that allows the user to unlock the device using a biometric method such as your face or fingerprint instead of using a classic password.

WhatsApp channels reach many countries

In the middle of the month, the app made it official WhatsApp channels are already available in more than 150 countries. Channels is “a simple, reliable and private way to receive important messages from people and companies directly on WhatsApp.” Additionally, WhatsApp introduced 4 important new features in Channels:

  • Updated directory– You can now find channels to follow automatically filtered based on your country. You can also see the newest, most active and popular channels according to the number of followers.
  • reactions– You can interact with emojis to know your opinion and see the total number of reactions. Other followers can’t see how you behave.
  • Edition– Administrators can make changes to their updates up to 30 days early. After this period, we automatically delete them from our servers.
  • Resend option– Every time you send an update to chats or groups, a link to the channel will be added so people can learn more.

Chat with AI

WhatsApp has announced that it is working on adding artificial intelligence to the WhatsApp application. Access will be through special chats that allow users Interaction with an advanced artificial intelligence agentGives them a completely new chat experience.

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The AI ​​agent on WhatsApp will act as an assistant, assisting users in their day-to-day activities. For that reason, we need more. Instead of relying on a single AI, Mark Zuckerberg believes it is essential Developing a wide range of AI assistants, because people have different interests and needs. These intelligent agents help us create better content, provide personalized advice and serve customers on platforms like WhatsApp.

These are Important News Announced for WhatsApp in September. Some are already available, others are coming. Over the next few months, but they are important and very relevant developments.

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