All flights in Shanghai were canceled as Typhoon In-Fa arrived in China

With the arrival of Asian company Typhoon In-Fa, the city of Shanghai and other cities on the east coast of China have stopped all their flights and canceled most of the subway and bus services.

The hurricane made landfall today off the coast of Zhejiang province south of Shanghai, especially in the port city of Xuzhou, state television quoted the Chinese Meteorological Administration as saying.

The unprecedented rains in the Chinese province of Henan have caused floods in several cities, killing at least 58 people so far, with the arrival of In-Fa in addition to the evacuation and evacuation of nearly one million people.

The In-Fa has several showers near its center and winds of over 38 meters per second. It is expected to move northwest at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour.

Chinese maritime officials have issued emergency red alerts in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces and in Shanghai.

Although concentrated rainfall in Shanghai on Sunday night is expected to reach 150-200 millimeters per square meter, its strength is expected to weaken.

About 360,000 people have been evacuated from dangerous areas in Shanghai, according to the official “Global Times” newspaper.

Five subway lines in Shanghai, a high-speed train connecting the airport, and several amusement parks such as Disney have been closed.

Floods in Henan have killed at least 12 people in a tunnel in its capital, Zhengzhou, following passengers trapped in wagons with water up to their chests.

Both flights to Shanghai and neighboring city of Hangzhou have been canceled.

Shipping has also been halted in much of the East China Sea, and hundreds of small vessels have been evacuated from ports expected to be severely affected.

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