All 4-0 in the decisive series

Although very rare, almost eight decades of history NBA Finals Some have been left behind The series ended brilliantly 4-0 These benchmarks include best-of-seven games between the champions of each conference.

In this edition of the finale, The Boston Celtics 2023-2024 can be added to that list: they are Dallas Mavericks lead 3-0with the possibility of completing the next crossing Friday 14 June.

Exactly how many have there been and which NBA Finals have ended in sweeps? A review of each of them, below.

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How many NBA Finals have ended in a sweep?

Through 2024, nine NBA Finals have ended in sweeps. That is, the winner prevailed 4-0.

The first of them was 4-0 Boston Celtics By Red Auerbach Minneapolis Lakers in 1959Bill Russell's team won eight titles in a row.

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In 1971 A second sweep appeared in the finals: The Milwaukee Bucks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's – then Lou Alcindor – crushed Baltimore Bullets 4-0, Wisconsin reaches the first championship in franchise history.

Four years later, in 1975The Bullets — now in Washington — were swept again: it was 4-0. Golden State Warriors By Rick Barry.

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The next sweep happened 1983with Philadelphia 76ers As the protagonists: The Sixers went 4-0 with Moses Malone as the Finals MVP. Los Angeles Lakers Pat Riley's defense of their 1982 title against Philadelphia.

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The Lakers were destroyed again in that decade: It was 1989This time in hands Detroit Pistons, with Joe Dumars as the series MVP. Interestingly, as in the case of the 76ers, the 4-0 came after the Lakers beat the Pistons in the previous year's title (1988).

The Houston Rockets They worked overtime to beat the Knicks in seven games in 1994, but the Finals were much quieter. Nineteen ninety five: Him 4-0 Orlando Magic It allowed Shaquille O'Neal to be crowned champion twice.

From a two-time championship in Houston, to a three-time championship Lakers: In 2000 they beat the Pacers 4-2; In 2001, the 76ers went 4-1, and in 2002 They went on to complete a 4-0 sweep New Jersey Nets.

In 2007 A new sweep appeared. LeBron James led him unexpectedly Cleveland Cavaliers Towards the finals, but there they ran into some veterans San Antonio Spurs, who gave him no chance. A comfortable 4-0 for the Texans.

A more recent case of a sweep happened 2018Fourth in four consecutive finals Warriors and guards As protagonists. In that series, Golden State was just too much for the Cavs, and Kevin Durant was the MVP as they won comfortably 4-0.

All sweeps in NBA Finals history

Finals Champion Loser
1959 Boston Celtics Minneapolis Lakers
1971 Milwaukee Bucks Baltimore Bullets
1975 Golden State Warriors Washington Bullets
1983 Philadelphia 76ers Los Angeles Lakers
1989 Detroit Pistons Los Angeles Lakers
Nineteen ninety five Houston Rockets Orlando Magic
2002 Los Angeles Lakers New Jersey Nets
2007 San Antonio Spurs Cleveland Cavaliers
2010 Golden State Warriors Cleveland Cavaliers
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